5 Cebuano ’Favor-eats’ for Chinese New Year

Hope and abundance in life are to be celebrated as the Chinese New Year this 2023 is fast approaching. This is the year of the Rabbit, specifically, the Water Rabbit.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the sign of the Rabbit is a mark for tranquility, longevity and success in life for which many Filipinos believe.

Not just that, but we also have a wide range selection of “lucky food” that Chinese tradition and culture have embedded in us through symbolic meaning to bring us good fortune for this year. Here are some of them:


Tikoy is the most popular treat that is served during the Lunar New Year celebration. Tikoy is heavily influenced by the rice cake nian gao that is said to originate from the southern parts of China. Its glutinous rice texture is believed to be of consistency towards a healthy and a prosperous year. In addition, its stickiness could even mean that luck will stick to you at the end of the year.


Hopia is a delicacy that will always be present as Filipinos love its sweet mung bean paste that comes in different flavors: Chocolate, monggo, and the best-selling, ube.

Hopia is known to be a good fortune delicacy inspired from Chinese moon cakes.


Many folks prepare the pancit bihon during fiestas, birthday celebrations, as well as the Chinese New Year. Pancit bihon symbolizes a long life that is ahead of you which is the reason why some people do not cut it and just eat it as it is. Long noodles for a long life, if you may say.

Spring Roll

Popularly referred to as lumpiang shanghai, this is a spring roll where the meat or vegetable is wrapped using lumpia wrapper made from flour and cornstarch, and can be served either fresh or fried. According to Chinese traditions, lumpia symbolizes gold bars.


With the Filipinos’ innovativeness, eating different types of fish and cooked in unique ways is already a perfect course meal for this year’s Lunar celebration. Fish symbolizes a prosperous year to the ancient Chinese wherein they also believe that the bigger the fish, the more prosperous you would become.

From meals to sweets, the list goes on as Filipinos have so many ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is no doubt that we have a limitless variety of exquisite delights to choose from to celebrate a good life for ourselves and to our loved ones.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!