5 Fengshui tips for mothers to improve health and gain success

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Mothers, we feel you! Frankly speaking, it is not easy being a mother, what with your multifaceted roles across society.

If you are juggling family and work, you’d definitely understand that any good help (no matter how minimal) is great, and would appreciate the following simple fengshui advice for your home to improve luck and ensure the smooth flow of daily lives. Read on!

Traditional Feng shui rules to help mums succeed in health & life

Avoid having plants in the Southwest sector

feng shui rules house
feng shui rules house

According to traditional fengshui rules, plants should not be in the Southwest area of your home. | Image source: iStock

The Kun sector, located in the Southwest of a home, represents the mother. As the main element of this area is Earth, water features are recommended here. To ensure good health and stable emotions, plants should not be placed in this area.

For those who are scratching your head over where the Southwest sector in your home is, don’t worry! You are just a step from improving your home fengshui and luck. Read this to locate the sectors within your living space.

Choose colours in your kitchen wisely

feng shui rules house
feng shui rules house

Traditional feng shui rules emphasise on colour selection as well. | Image source: iStock

Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you eat”? It’s true! That’s why the kitchen and stove play a crucial role that would directly impact the health of all household members. In fact, the impact on mothers’ health would be even greater.

When it comes to home fengshui, colour selection is important. Avoid using bright red in your kitchen, as this may cause you to have unstable emotions and gynaecological issues.

In particular, those whose Bazi has strong elements of Fire and Earth must pay even greater attention.


Keep sharp objects in their rightful place

Traditional feng shui rules have a specific regulation for sharp objects. | Image source: iStock

As Marie Kondo said, “all items have their own place.” The same rule applies with regards to good home fengshui. Put away sharp objects that are not in use, and keep them out of sight.

Do not leave them lying around, as they are not good for energy and could be dangerous, especially when you have children around.

Way Fengshui’s Master Goh also advises not to place scissors or knives in the cabinet directly underneath the stove. This is one of the common reasons for health issues, especially for mothers. It’s time to put away your lethal kitchen tools and sharp stationeries!

Your stove position matters

Traditional fen gshui rules
Traditional fen gshui rules

Traditional feng shui rules are applicable to sharp kitchen objects too. | Image courtesy: iStock

While it may seem like a no-brainer to keep our spaces clean, especially the kitchen and stove where food is handled, there’s something even more important than the regular cleaning and maintenance.

As the stove position represents the mother’s health, the position and where it faces is extremely important. If unsure, it is best to consult a professional home fengshui practitioner before installing the stove or making any changes.

Good home fengshui matters

More than just a shelter, a home keeps you centered and good home fengshui helps to improve your luck and various aspects of your life such as family harmony and health, prosperity, career, etc.

This article was first published on wayfengshui.com and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Republished with permission from theAsianparent Singapore

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