5 fun kids’ activities for exploring the great outdoors

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You don’t need to scale a mountain to get kids to venture into the great outdoors when there are tons of kid-friendly activities you can do right in your own backyard! Besides, playing outside isn’t just fun for kids, it’s also good for their physical and mental health. From scavenger hunts to fairy gardens, here are 5 unique outdoor activities for kids that are a total blast!

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1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Not only are scavenger hunts super fun, but they’re also a great bonding experience. Start by making a checklist of items to search for outside, such as ants or a spiderweb. Include a corresponding picture or drawing for each item on the checklist so kids can take the lead when embarking on the hunt. When it’s time to make the trek outside, accompany your child and help point them in the right direction for each object.

2. Making Nature Frames

Make art with objects found in your own backyard! First, make a frame using popsicle sticks and contact paper. Then, have your child search outside to find objects to stick onto the contact paper. The finished product is a colorful collage of flowers, leaves, pebbles, and other pretty materials from the outdoors.

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3. Building A Fairy Garden

Get to know nature’s magical side by building a fairy garden. For this craft, you’ll need planters, potting soil, an assortment of natural items, and any whimsical knick-knacks you have lying around. Fill a planter with soil, then the fun part of assembling your fairy garden begins. This particular fairy garden features a tiny cottage with a wooden bridge atop a miniature mossy forest, complete with leaves and flowers that tower over various crystals and other fanciful trinkets.

4. Making An Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Playing in the mud is synonymous with childhood, and every mud master needs their own mud kitchen for their messy creations. This charming outdoor mud kitchen features a row of Mason jars filled with their labeled “toppings” of dandelions, grass, seed pods, and pebbles. A hanging banner with the words “More mud please” printed on it hangs above the Mason jars. Clipboards holding a “Blossoms and Blooms” flower chart and an illustrated list of “Backyard Ingredients” hang above two working sinks, along with a series of spoons, spatulas, and measuring tools that kids can use when cooking their mud and flowers.

5. Outdoor Movie Night

Make a movie night even more fun by turning the backyard into a movie theater. For this outdoor watch party, the filmer arranges inflatable pools around the yard to use as seating. Next, they wrap a fitted bed sheet over each pool before decorating them with cozy blankets and throw pillows. The final result looks like a luxury outdoor theater that would even make Spielberg jealous.

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