5 Netflix titles worth checking out this June

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While the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, the entertainment industry is continuing to churn out its best work in recent years. Netflix has allowed the growth of regional projects outside of Hollywood, and the diverse line-up of shows make for a very entertaining viewing experience.

Check out what’s coming in hot on Netflix this June (all dates subject to change without prior notice):

“Peaky Blinders: Season 6” (June 10)

This British drama has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans around the world since its debut in September 2013. Now, the series that follows the fictional Peaky Blinders crime gang, and their exploits as the direct result of the First World War, comes to an end with its sixth and final season.

Critics and fans alike have expressed that “Peaky Blinders” is one, if not, the best TV series of all time.

“Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area” (June 24)

You think you know? Think again. Netflix has gone on record to say that while this Korean remake of the worldwide phenomenal TV series hit La Casa de Papel will follow a similar plot, it will be set in a fictional Joint Economic Area where the Korean Peninsula faces reunification.

Brace yourselves for another hit packed with all the twists and turns of a proven thriller served with the K-Drama flair.

“Hustle” (June 8)

Not everyone has the time to binge on a multi-episode TV series, so sometimes, a good movie is in the prescription after a long day at work. That said, catch the basketball drama “Hustle” which stars proven Hollywood names like Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall.

For those into the NBA, the movie is packed with cameos from your favorite basketball players, too.

“The Umbrella Academy: Season 3” (June 22)

Season 2 ended with a head-scratching cliff-hanger. With the third season of “The Umbrella Academy” ready to launch, join the Hargreeves in their quest of saving the world while dealing with their personal, deep-seated issues within the siblings.

More questions will be answered during the third season of “The Umbrella Academy,” an American time travel superhero streaming television series based on the comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics.

“Man Vs Bee” (June 24)

Who doesn’t know Rowan Atkinson? Atkinson, one of this generation’s most iconic comedians, is set for his epic return to television with comedy series Man Vs. Bee. The plot? Bumbling housesitting dad Trevor has a rivalry with an insect. Sure sounds what you would expect from the man who introduced the world to “Mr. Bean,” or is it?

The series features nine episodes, and more importantly, marks the return of Atkinson to television since the mid-‘90s.

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