5 reasons you’re tired all the time

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Believe it or not, if you have been feeling exhausted lately, you’re not alone. In fact, Google searches for the same complaint reached record highs from July to September 2021. It’s easy to blame the almost two-year pandemic for it, but there are other factors that you might be neglecting:

Downing energy drinks

Beverages that promise to provide you with a quick energy boost usually contain sugar and caffeine. While these lead to increased alertness and improved mental function after consumption, these will also set you up for rebound fatigue when their effects wear off. Try cutting back on energy drinks and if you must have your coffee, limit it to early in the day.

Not enough protein

One should have a good protein source in every meal to keep metabolism up and prevent fatigue. Consuming protein can boost metabolic rate better than carbs or fats do, aid in fat loss and reduce fatigue because of the branched-chain amino acids found in protein. Fish, meat, eggs and beans should be included in one’s diet.

Not enough high-quality sleep

This one’s pretty obvious but sleep should be uninterrupted so that the brain can go through all five stages of each sleep cycle. Studies show that adults ideally need an average of seven hours of sleep per night. Being physically active during the day can help one get more restful sleep at night. Taking naps can decrease tiredness, too.

Refined carbs

Consuming processed food and sugar can cause a spike in our blood sugar and subsequently, cause the levels to drop. Instead of instinctively reaching for quick snacks that are carb-laden, replace them with whole foods that are packed with fiber such as vegetables and legumes.

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