5 reasons why white shirts are underrated fashion choices

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Pulling off wearing a white shirt is no easy feat. For one reason, it makes people look bigger, thus, it’s a problem if you’re trying to look like you’re losing weight.

Another reason that is a bit more practical is that in the Philippines, things get a bit more dusty—most especially for daily commuters. So one’s white top may not look very fresh by the end of the day!

With the dry season upon us—wearing plain white tees help deflect sunlight thus keeping us cooler—we’re revisiting five reasons why wearing plain white shirts can be awesome fashion ideas.

Simplicity is key

If you have a physique that you’re comfortable with, wearing a plain white tee is a simple yet attractive choice for a top. Pair it with classic blue jeans and a pair of sneakers, you’ve got it all down for a classic, casual look.

Easy to style

Whatever color of pants, skirt, shoes or sneakers you have, there’s a mighty good chance that your plain white shirt will just look perfect with them. Add a few accessories like watches, belts or jewelry, and you’re onto something.

Show off personality

Since wearing a plain white tee may not be the loudest fashion choice out there, you’re giving yourself the chance to show off your character and personality. Cliche as it sounds, you’re a blank canvas. The power to impress people is in what you do or say.

Essential summer piece

A plain white shirt can be worn on its own. It can serve as inner wear for a layered look when paired with a polo. It can also serve as underwear if needed. Given the reasons above, you can wear it on any occasion, saving you some time thinking about what to wear.

Looking bright

Fashion trends come and go, and if everybody wore plain white tops, then this article would have aged poorly by then. However, if you play your cards right, you might be one of the few who prefer to stick to white apparel. Wearing a white shirt that fits you perfectly is a statement in itself. You’re comfortable. You’re confident. You’re a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

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