5 shows that empower women

Tiffany L. Neri
·3 min read

FROM time immemorial, the entertainment industry has always had a reputation for glorifying men and objectifying women.

Familiar tropes involve a heroic manly-man who saves a damsel in distress or a suave bad guy with a ditzy bombshell sidekick who is desperately in love with him—the list goes on.

Some might brush it off and say that “it’s entertainment, sweetheart, this stuff sells.”

Well, buddy, first, don’t carelessly call women “sweetheart,” and second, these kinds of storylines are hardly the ones we want society—let alone women—to normalize.

It’s detrimental and backwater.

But since humankind is capable of evolution, here are five empowering shows that flip the narrative and show that women aren’t objects but are intelligent, strong, and powerful individuals capable of shaping the world.

1. The Bold Type

The Bold Type’s story is inspired by the life and career of former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Joanna Coles, who is also an executive producer of the series.

It follows the lives of three millennial women—an assistant who wants to move up her career and pursue her passion, a newly promoted writer who wants to write meaningful stories, and a young social media director who wants to change the world. They navigate the challenges and adventures that come with being young women employed at a global publication in New York City called Scarlet.

The Bold Type falls under the comedy-drama genre, but tackles a lot of “woke” and very real socio-cultural and feminist issues. A definite must-watch—especially for yuppie millennial women.

2. Little Women

Little Women is a classic story and a film adaptation of the novel “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. The latest version of the film was released in 2019, but the story has had several film adaptations—the earliest was a silent film dating back from 1917.

This just goes to show how timeless it is. This coming-of-age classic tells about the lives of four sisters—Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth—in the 19th century. It is a wonderful literary piece that connects women from generation to generation.

3. Period. End of Sentence.

The 2018 documentary and short film “Period. End of Sentence.” is about a group of Indian women leading a quiet sexual revolution about something taboo to their culture—periods.

A group of local women in rural India learns how to operate a machine that makes low-cost sanitary pads that they sell to other women at affordable prices, improving feminine hygiene by making it accessible as well as contributing to financial independence in their community.

4. Self-Made

What makes Self-Made so empowering is that it is based on a true story inspired by the life of African-American entrepreneur Madam C. J. Walker who rose from poverty and built a beauty empire that made her America’s first female self-made millionaire.

If that isn’t enough to impress you, we don’t know what is!

5. Knock Down the House

If you’re more into politics and how women fit in that puzzle, Knock Down the House might be the documentary for you. It follows four Democratic women who decided to run for Congress in the 2018 USA elections and their campaigns. One of them is the very popular American politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Why is it so empowering? Four very determined women challenge huge politicians in the race for Congress.

So tell me, who runs the world? Girls!

These are the kinds of shows we need to bring each other up. Ladies, embrace the power you hold.