5 things you should break free from

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Freedom can mean different things to different people as it can apply to various aspects of life. But for most, it’s being able to live however you want, make your own choices and embracing your beliefs and values.

In anticipation of the Philippine Independence Day on June 12, here are some things you should free yourself from so you can gain personal independence:

Everyone else’s expectations

Do not let other people’s opinions control you. Society has a way of setting timelines for milestones regardless of our differing backgrounds, interests and fields of expertise. It’s time you stopped letting it consume you and comparing yours to that of others. Instead of asking what your family or friends might think of a choice you make, why not ask yourself how you feel about it?

Toxic ties

Whether its familial ties, friendships or romantic relationships, if it drains the energy out of you, sever it. This will help you make room for new and healthy ones. And when you do start creating space for new relationships, don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

Self-imposed barriers

Quit feeding and start overcoming your self-limiting beliefs, fear of failure, procrastination and unwillingness to change or leave your comfort zone. These barriers will only hinder your quest for success, whatever that may be to you. Stop saying you can’t and focus on how you can make things happen for you.

External attachments

Titles, status, money, possessions—we’re so obsessed with keeping up that it just wears us out in the long run and we realize it’s more exhausting than fulfilling. While it’s perfectly normal to challenge yourself and be driven by achievements big and small, what’s more important is that your internal self is just as pleased.

Expectation versus reality

Life does not always pan out the way we want it to and that’s okay. Don’t dwell on the “what could have been” and focus instead on what you actually have. Work on your goals but don’t forget to enjoy where you currently are in life. Trust that things have a way of working out and that whatever misses you was never meant for you, and whatever is meant for you will never miss you.

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