5 things every person who attended an All-Girls school can relate to

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Attending an All-Girls school is nothing short of an immersive experience. One gets a panoramic view of women empowerment in action and the early formation of young women into becoming exceptional members of society.

The unique and riveting culture that is practiced in exclusive all-girls schools encourages young women to not be deterred by the lack of male presence; that they, themselves, could accomplish “manly” tasks like helping teachers lug around with heavy stuff. They are taught the importance of sisterhood and the importance of speaking up.

Here are five indicators one is from an all-girls school:

They’ve played a male role at least once in a play production

May it be Marius from “Les Miserables” or Danny Zuko from “Grease,” anyone from an all-girls school could attest just how different the “kilig factor” is when a woman masquerades as a man. It is a normal occurrence for the populace to screech over the effortless swag the girls-turned-actors exude.

They’ve been taught that ‘simplicity is key’

Forget about displays of expensive jewelry and extravagant accessories. In all-girls schools, the students are taught early on that less is more. A simple, studded pair of earrings could go a long way. Hair accessories should be in neutral colors like black, navy blue or beige. Hair dyeing is strictly prohibited.

They help teachers lug around heavy things

Forget needing men for anything. At exclusive all-girls school, the girls are readily at their teacher’s beck and call. They are used to being asked to push around heavy TV carts and carry stacks upon stacks of textbooks from one classroom. to another.

They abide by the movement of feminism

The future is female! All-Girls School teaches its students early on the strength behind femininity and how to harness it. The students are trained to speak their minds on important social matters and to be leaders in their own respective paths. Women, who are from exclusive schools for girls, are immersed in the idea of forging their own paths in a male-dominated society. They are taught to never apologize for being a woman and that they can do anything a man can do.

They value sisterhood

Girls support girls! In All-Girls institutions, the students strengthen each other in their own pursuits. They are taught that there is no bond stronger than the bond girls share with each other.

Understanding the struggles they each face in the modern world that isn’t really accepting of headstrong and opinionated women, they are readily supportive of each other.

There’s no place like home, they say. Schools are considered to be a student’s home for as long as they are matriculated. All-Girls Institutions are training grounds for women to excel and lead. It is the first place they are made aware of just how boundless they could be.