5 things to look forward to on weekends

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Christian Jay B. Quilo and Jevin Montero


Isn’t it funny how we spend our weekdays counting down to the weekend but when it finally comes, it makes us dread the coming week? It’s a never-ending cycle, but we can all agree that weekends, when spent well and done right, can help revitalize the mind, body and soul.

One resort just less than an hour away from the city takes things beyond typical staycations so guests can make the most out of their stay. One can rest assured too that every nook and cranny and amenity is not just in tip-top condition, but is thoroughly and regularly sanitized too.

Plotted on a 5,000-square-meter property, BE Resort Mactan cleverly distills everything guests need for a long overdue reset—from the newly renovated rooms to its host of leisure activities—in one contemporary beachfront setting. These are what you can expect and engage in on your next visit:

Movie nights

Also held every Saturday at 6 p.m., BE’s movie night is a treat in itself. Lounging on the pods is relaxing enough, but when you’ve got the remnants of the watercolor sky at dusk giving way to a star-lit sky at dark for a backdrop, what else could you ask for? And the resort has it all taken care of—from the family-friendly movies to the comfortable seating and a waitstaff on standby in case guests crave those movie munchies.

Street treats

As Filipinos, it is only natural for us to have three square meals a day that always come with at least a cup of rice. Despite that, we still enjoy snacking in between meals, and for the adventurous palates, street food is a quick and sumptuous choice. BE serves street favorites such as squid balls, hotdog and sorbetes right at the resort so you can have them at its restaurant, in the beach pods or practically anywhere in the property. For more substantial fare, families can feast on the BE Boodle Caboodle or the Fisherman’s Catch, both of which feature grilled meats and seafood, as well as fresh fruits. For dessert, BE’s deconstructed halo-halo is fun, filling and most importantly, it satisfies every sweet tooth.

Laughter yoga

This modern exercise was created with the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Preventive and therapeutic, laughter yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques. This helps relieve stress and strengthens the immune system. BE hosts a guided one-hour session at sunset by the beach every Saturday at 5 p.m.

Aqua Zumba

This is another great stress-busting exercise that’s suitable for those suffering from anxiety. Low-impact, high-energy aqua aerobics lets you perform large muscle movements as you reach and lift your arms and legs in the water. The dance movements in regular Zumba need to be slower and more exaggerated in aqua Zumba, but the water cools you so you feel more relaxed. Guests can join a session at BE every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Water activities

The walk leading up to the inflatable playground should serve as your warm-up. Depending on tide conditions and one’s agility, it can be either quite challenging or easy-peasy. There’s a climbing wall with grips for hands and feet that you have to get over first. You slide down the other side once you reach the top, and then climb your way again to the top of the waterslide before you finish off with a splash. When all else fails, there’s always the trusty and far less physically exhausting kayaking that you can enjoy solo or with a reliable partner.

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