5 Things We Love About Robin Padilla

MANILA, Philippines - Of the many artists who have emerged, left, and resurfaced, no one else remains as accepted and as well-loved as Robin Padilla-and for good reason.

Notwithstanding his sketchy past as a ladies' man, as well as the nasty tirades and controversies he has figured in, Robin remains one of the most bankable leading men today. Bulletin Entertainment lists down why.

Hot Dad on the Loose

One need only consider his well-maintained physique, his dapper yet mature fashion sense and his evident appeal to realize that even at 42 and a father to six kids, Robin's charm and influence in showbiz is far from dissipating. No wonder he was able to make host Mariel Rodriguez fall head-over-heels with him despite their relationship being dubbed as a May-December Affair.

What contributes to his "hotness" as a father is that he doesn't have any quibble about indulging his kids' and his loved ones' whims. For instance, he's especially fond of throwing parties and in bringing his family to trips abroad.

Unquestionable Faith

While serving a 21-year prison term on illegal weapons possession, he converted to Islam and married Liezl Sicangco in a Muslim ceremony at the New Bilibid Prison social hall. They eventually divorced in 2009.

Although their separation was truly a regrettable one, the faith that once bound them together remained intact. Since he became a Muslim Robin became very active in speaking and observing the traditions of his faith.

Robin has also proven that his brothers in the Muslim faith can rely on him in terms of standing up for their religion from people who disrespect their Allah.

Good Samaritan

He may known as the "Bad Boy of the Philippine Cinemas" but his typical characters in films as an armed assassin or an undercover agent are anything like him in real life. If anything, he's actually the helping and not the harming type as evidenced by a lot of his charitable efforts in the past. Among them were his previous assistance in relief operations, his funding for the construction of a Muslim school, and his efforts to help generate more jobs for the unemployed.

Purpose-driven Life

His being imprisoned in the '90s, coupled with his conversion to Islam, had transformed him from being a full-fledged bad boy to a real-deal reformed man.

In a past interview, the action star emphasized: "We have responsibilities to ourselves and to other people." And as his self-imposed purpose, Robin declared in the report that he's "here to guide the youth."

Apparently, his goals were not merely empty words as the "Toda Max" star was names last April as Youth and Young Adult's Most Favorite Actor, based on a survey conducted by custom market firm TNS.

Romantic Gentleman

Though he's by no means a perfect moral example-by his own admission at that-Robin is a firm believer in marriage.

Having been wed "nine" times has apparently not tarnished Robin's faith in the matrimonial union as well as his impeccable respect for women. In a previous interview, he had opted to keep mum on the names of the women he had previously wed, which, to some degree, is indicative of how great his respect is for them.

Despite the failing of the eight earlier relationships, Binoe still believes that marriage is "good" for it "protects" women. So much so that, despite marrying the "Wiltime Bigtime" co-host, who is a Catholic and 14-years-younger than him, in India in 2010, he is still ardently pushing for them to have a traditional Catholic wedding.