5 underrated ‘good habits’ you can start building today

Luis A. Quibranza III
·3 min read

January is coming to an end, and it’s not unusual to hear of people—with the most grandiose of New Year’s resolutions—stuck at not accomplishing any of them. There is beauty in simplicity, and now that February is right around the corner, one does not need that magical moment when the clock strikes 12 midnight on the eve of a new year. One can change his life for the better by taking little baby steps.

In the spirit of betterment, here are five underrated good habits worth building. Building or practicing these habits is not difficult at all. Anybody can begin doing these immediately and already see the benefits almost as soon as one begins.

1. Stop starting conversations with “to be honest”

Sometimes, the subconscious reveals more than a conscious mind.

When an individual habitually starts a conversation with the phrase “to be honest,” it could be a clue that this person usually finds himself in the realm of dishonest conversations, and that he finds the need to state a disclaimer before revealing a particular fact or opinion. Once or twice, as an expression, is okay. But when it is repeated almost every day? That makes for interesting conversation. It helps one to think before speaking.

2. Sleep early

There comes a time in people’s lives when they would be proud as self-proclaimed night owls. Some confess their serious struggles over insomnia. Others, however, are just irresponsible with their body clocks, not knowing how to define night from day.

The pandemic has forced most people to stay indoors for the most time. With the nightlife shut out, there’s a greater chance for most people to consider sleeping early, and getting as much as six to eight hours of sleep daily. Sleeping early and waking up early to get tasks done may sound simple, but it is a habit practiced by the successful, wealthy and healthy.

3. Drink a glass (or two) of water first thing in the morning

For starters, going six to eight hours without water intake is a good reason to hydrate one’s self. There are studies that prove that drinking water on an empty stomach improves one’s gut health. Also by drinking water at the start of the day, one is ensured of maintaining optimum body fluid balance. Last, it’s best to drink neither cold nor hot water. Room temperature will do just fine. How hard can it be to drink a glass of water upon waking up?

4. Practice being punctual—for online meetings

If one is still late for online meetings, this person must have already exhausted all the possible excuses on his “why I’m late again” playbook. There’s no need to commute this time. Skipping a shower may not be that obvious on video. There’s a good chance one’s computer or mobile device is already connected to the internet anyway when at home. So what gives being late? Showing up early for a Zoom meeting will do simple wonders for one’s lifestyle.

5. Don’t spend your 50s

This one should be the hardest on the list, but it’s an old trick when it comes to saving money. Before setting out for lofty financial targets, try practicing saving up P50 bills but not spending them. One is free to spend his money the way he sees fit—go ahead, splurge on Starbucks—but be “allergic” to spending the P50 bills. By the end of the year, one should be surprised at the amount he has managed to save. Yes, this is the cheat code to saving money. It’s not pretty advanced, but it will get one started.