50 years to rejoice, 7 excellent doctors to celebrate, 1 unifying event

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AFTER two years, the Cebu Doctors Group (CDG) is back in the limelight to commemorate its 50th-year anniversary and to honor the second wave of exemplary doctors through the CDG Anniversary Gala and CebuDoc Group Excellence (CDGE) Awards.

After a two-year hiatus brought about by Covid-19 restrictions, the CebuDoc Group was once again able to host an evening of elegance to honor the excellence, hard work, and prominence of each of the institution’s most esteemed assets, its medical staff.

The CDG Gala and CDGE Awards night was graced with the presence of numerous individuals whose contributions have served as the backbone to the hospital’s operations not just in terms of patient care but also in bridging the most accessible healthcare in different sectors.

The highlight of the evening was the awarding ceremony of the group of doctors who stood out among the rest and showed remarkable leadership, excellence, innovation and loyalty, and contributed most to corporate social responsibility.

At least six out of the seven hospitals have nominated several practicing physicians for the OrmocDoc Excellence Award; SouthGen Excellence Award; San Carlos Excellence Award; NorthGen Excellence Award; Mactan Doc Excellence Award, and CebuDoc Excellence Award.

For this year, the awardees were;

  • Doctor Chunitu Yu for OrmocDoc Excellence Award

  • Doctor Wilson Dela Calzada for SouthGen Excellence Award

  • Doctor Edgar Divinagracia for San Carlos Doc Excellence Award

  • Doctor Maria Janet Portia for NorthGen Excellence Award

  • Doctor Pura Dominguito for Mactan Doc Excellence Award

  • Doctor Merle Barba for CebuDoc Excellence Award

The awardees went through layers of deliberation with the CDGE Awards selection panel. Criteria included factors of their practice from their colleagues, staff and their body of work.

Apart from these, one honorary physician was awarded the Dr. Potenciano V. Larrazabal Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award. The recipient is someone whose medical practice has created a legacy in the hospital, mirroring that of the late Doctor PVL Jr., founding President and Chairman of the institution.

For this year, the recipient is no less than Doctor Generosa Sollano, a respected Pediatrician who spent her time in CebuDoc for most of her medical practice.

To Doctor Potenciano Larrazabal III, President, and Chairman of the CebuDoc Group, these awards represent how each of the CDG hospitals have taken notice of the exceptional and sincere service every employee has rendered.

“It is our living philosophy that above all, we must be compassionate healthcare providers. This is a reflection that throughout, we are paying close attention to each of our teammates, and their dedication is not being put to waste,” the Chairman said.

“Here in the CebuDoc group, we do not just encourage them to anchor their practice to our values, but we honor them when it exudes with them unknowingly,” he added.

Further, the event was filled with fun and fellowship, and even the Chairman, Doctor Larrazabal III, commented on how everyone deserved to enjoy the Golden Jubilee celebration.

He concluded that the event will be one of the most anticipated evenings for its medical staff in the future; something they look forward to each year.

“This will be the event that shows we are one with our mission, vision, and most of all our values. This is a representation of our harmony that if we enliven these factors, we are one, just like what my Dad would have wanted,” he said. (SPONSORED CONTENT)