The £6.99 mascara Gigi Hadid wore for the Met Gala

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Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images

The Met Gala saw some major beauty looks. We couldn’t get enough of Megan Fox’s 1950s-inspired fringe. We were surprised when Addison Rae turned up with a platinum lob. We loved Grimes’ shower hose ponytail. And let’s not forget Shawn Mendes breaking one major beauty taboo.

Another favourite look was Gigi Hadid’s Jessica Rabbit-inspired Met appearance. Alongside some of the most voluminous fiery red hair we’ve ever seen, Gigi had some stunning eye makeup for the night.

Created by celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons, Gigi wore a flattering cornflower blue eye, double winged eyeliner and super long fluttery lashes to make her eyes appear bigger and more open. Basically, it’s our dream makeup.

So, we were pretty excited when Erin posted a video breaking down exactly how she achieved the look. Especially when we saw that the key to Gigi’s incredible lashes involved a very affordable mascara.

In the Instagram Reel showing Erin applying mascara to Gigi’s face, there’s a shot in which Gigi herself is running a mascara through her lashes:

Photo credit: Erin Parsons
Photo credit: Erin Parsons

And I would recognise that bright purple mascara lid anywhere.

It belongs to Maybelline’s The Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara, a cult formula known for its ability to deliver super long and lifted lashes.

Even better, it usually sells for £9.99 but Boots has it on offer for £6.99, so if you want to give it a go, you’d better move quickly. And if you’re still unsure, read what happened when one of our writers tried it and found the mascara even better than LVL treatment

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