The 6 Biggest Hair Trends for 2020

Chloe Hall
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It’s time for the age-old question: what are you going to do with your hair this year? Is 2020 the year you get bangs? Should you go blonde? Go brunette? Just shave it all off? If your head is full of questions like these, fear not. We called in celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkin, who has worked with the likes of Rowan Blanchard, Diane Guerrero, and Aubrey Plaza, to weigh in on the biggest and boldest hair trends for 2020. It’s time to start scheming before your next hair appointment.

Brunettes Have More Fun

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After three years of everyone and their sister going full-blown platinum, expect to see a return to darker shades. “Warm, rich blondes and chocolate browns will replace the light and ashy trends of the 20 teens―which really only flattered a small minority anyway,” says Hawkins. “Give in to the dark side!”

Unapologetic Curls

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"The days of beachy waves with straightened ends are over", according to Hawkins. "While this look was a fun departure at the beginning of last decade, it became a parody of itself." Instead, bouncy glossy curls with beveled ends will make a return. Roller sets with a gentle brush out and a good shine spray are all you need for this perfect return to 70s to 90s glam.

Length is Back

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Bobs, lobs, and every variation on the chic little French cut were the rage at the end of the 2000s. But it’s time to grow your mane out again. " Think Cher in the 60s or Jen Aniston in the late nineties," says Hawkins. "It’s all about shiny glossy long bone straight hair aka time to stock up on the biotin."

Long Live Braids

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A hairstyle that comes with a disclaimer. This is not a trend, and this is not a style for all. And again for the people in the back: Braid responsibly. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the red carpet has been full of box braids, from Zendaya’s floor-length ‘do at the Critics' Choice Awards to Lacy Redway crafting the BraidHive for Tessa Thompson. "This stunning (albeit time-consuming) method of feed-in braids is a chic way to protect your natural hair while still being able to rock almost any style," explains Hawkins. "Another plus is smaller braids tend to last much longer than thicker braids!"

Let's Shag

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"The long Shag is THE haircut of 2020," says Hawkins. "Featuring curtain bangs, tons of face-framing layers and long razored ends, the long shag is here to stay. Popularized by Elizabeth Olsen’s new do, this cut is a great way to look effortless while still maintaining an edge." Feel free to skip the blowout with this one too. With the right beach sprays or curl products, this cut works best with your natural texture, whatever it is!

Green! Orange! Yellow!

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If fantasy colors are more your thing, this year is all about neon colors. "Say goodbye to the pastel unicorn shades of the previous decade and embrace an edgier hue," says Hawkins. "Think the Fifth Element or Fame Era Lady Gaga. Neon green and orange and highlighter yellow are going to be everywhere in the fantasy color sphere. "

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