6 Cebu towns, cities record over 100 active Covid cases

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AT LEAST six local government units (LGU) in Cebu Province have reported 100 or more active coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases in recent days.

Minglanilla, Talisay City, Danao City, Toledo City, Consolacion and Liloan reported on their Facebook pages three-digit active cases on three separate dates.

Danao City had 108 active cases (six new cases) as of Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022.

As of Tuesday, Jan. 25, Minglanilla had 274 active cases (28 new cases); Liloan had 260 active cases (29 new cases); Consolacion had 194 active cases (16 new cases); and Toledo City had 110 active cases (six new cases).

Talisay City had 410 active cases (39 new cases) as of Monday, Jan. 24.


In Minglanilla, the youngest among the 28 new cases is a five-month-old child from Lipata who showed symptoms. The child is under home isolation.

The oldest is a 71-year-old female who is asymptomatic.

Linao-Lipata had the most number of active cases among the 19 barangays in Minglanilla—53.

Completing the list of five barangays with active cases of over 20 are Tungkil (42), Pakigne (40), Tunghaan (27), and Tulay (26).

Other barangays that also reported double-digit active cases were Poblacion Ward 4 (10), Calajoan (12) and Tungkop (16).

Barangays Camp 7 and Manduang had one active case each.

Barangays with under 10 active cases were Guindaruhan (3), Tubod (6), Poblacion Ward 2 (6), Poblacion Ward 3 (6), Poblacion Ward 1 (7), and Vito (9).

Barangays Camp 8 and Cuanos reported zero active cases on Jan. 25.

Talisay City

A one-month-old girl from Cansojong is the youngest among the new cases in Talisay. The oldest is a 68-year-old female from Tabunok.

Dumlog had the most active cases among the city's 22 barangays—62.

Other barangays with active cases in double digits were San Roque (42), Bulacao (38), Lawaan 1 (37), San Isidro (36), Tabunok (35), Pooc (24), Mohon (18), Cansojong (18), Linao (15), Lagtang (15), Poblacion (14), Maghaway (11), Lawaan 3 (10).

Barangays with single-digit cases were Tapul (2), Jaclupan (4), Candulawan (7), Lawaan 2 (8), and Tanke (8)

Camp 4 and Manipis had zero active cases as of Jan. 24.

Northern Cebu

In Liloan, the LGU reported one new death on Jan. 25, bringing the total number of mortalities to 163.

The number of barangays with zero active cases in Consolacion, Liloan's neigbhoring town, increased to two--Lanipga and Polog--on Jan. 25.

Of the 21 barangays in Consolacion, barangays with double-digit active cases were Casili (38), Lamac (23), Tayud (22), Pitogo (12), Pulpogan (16), Tugbongan (16), and Nangka (10).

Other Cebu towns

As for other Cebu towns, Santander had eight active cases (2 new cases) as of Jan. 24.

As of Jan. 25, Ginatilan had nine active cases (four new cases).

Bantayan had 22 active cases (three new cases), while Alcantara had five active cases (one new case) as of Jan. 26.

Forty-four towns and six component cities comprise Cebu Province, which had a population of 3,325,385 in 2020.

The highly urbanized cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu are not part of Cebu Province.

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