6 different ways to reaffirm your love with your partner

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Most of the time, we tend to forget to reaffirm our love with our partners especially when we’ve been together for quite a while already. We tend to be comfortable with each other or even get busy with our roles as parents that expressing reaffirmation may not be on our priority list anymore.

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Let me share with you In this article some tips on how to express your love to your partner in your everyday activities.

6 ways to reaffirm your love with your partner

1. Show support on his/her chosen hobbies.

Having hobbies makes you feel productive, relaxed, and even builds confidence. On weekends, before the pandemic, I would go with my husband for a ride on his motorcycle and go just anywhere.

He can talk about his hobbies with me and although I don’t get it most of the time, I just listen because I know how it feels to be supported with what you love doing and to have someone in the household who you can tell your stories about, too.

On the other hand, he supports my newfound love for writing, baking, and even watching with me when I binge-watch my favorite series on Netflix.

reaffirm your love
reaffirm your love

6 ways to reaffirm your love to your partner. | Image from the author

2. Take care of each other’s health.

We don’t want our partners to get sick, right? So express your concern about their health. It can be as simple as reminding them to take their vitamins or sleeping early at night.

Cooking healthier food for the family or even letting each other have a “me time” to be able to recharge the mind and body. In our family, I make It a point to remind everyone to take their vitamins after our breakfast.

On the other hand, my husband would also give me my “me time” and let me have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. One good thing about the current situation where everyone is at home is that we can watch each other’s food intake and give a reminder if we’ve been eating too many sweets or unhealthy food already.

3. Be a team.

It is normal that in every household, there are tasks for each member. But when your partner goes beyond what is expected of him or her to do, offering help without you asking for it, then it’s another story!

That only shows that your partner does not want you to get tired and want to make your day a little lighter. Offering help when you sense that someone is having a tough day is also a good idea.

My husband would know if I’m having my PMS and show initiative in looking after the kids because sometimes, I get easily irritated or mood swings.

reaffirm your love
reaffirm your love

Ways to reaffirm your love to your partner. | Image from the author


4. The power of saying “Thank You”.

When you feel appreciated for the things you do, you tend to want to do more. The same goes for your partner. A simple thank you can go a long way.

Just be sure that it is sincere and that you are being particular with what you are thankful for. You can make it public and do a shout-out on your social media accounts, hand them a thank you note, or even just saying it to your partner.

The key here is to be sincere and particular about what you are thankful for. As a couple, we thank each other verbally, like when someone brings a pasalubong, we say, thank you, hon (still using our term of endearment).

As simple as that! Sometimes, even saying it aloud so our kids can hear it, in that way the kids will also learn to always show appreciation even for the simplest things.

5. Pray for each other.

I guess this one is pretty straightforward. Praying for each other and doing it together strengthens the bond of the marriage. This is a way of seeking God’s help to give each other the wisdom to always fight for your relationship together. Consider each other as a daily blessing and thank Him for it.

6. Make time for each other.

reaffirm your love
reaffirm your love

Image from the author

It may be hard to go on exclusive dates nowadays especially if the kids are still young and there’s no one you can leave the kids to. Doing things together like cooking, watching movies, or your favorite series together with some drinks and snacks can already be a bonding moment, as long as both of you are having fun together.

You may want to go down memory lane and reminisce about your younger years together and being happy about how far you’ve come along as a couple.

It is very important to express affirmation to your partner and doing it regularly. This can uplift and give confidence to your relationship. I also suggest that you both take time to understand your Love Languages so that you can effectively express and communicate your love for each other.

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