6-Year-Old's Clever Hack Will Revolutionize Your Shoe-Tying Experience

A six-year-old’s clever hack for tying her shoelaces was a viral hit when video of the trick was shared to Facebook earlier this month.

Footage by Laura Ormston, from Fareham, England, shows the child tying her shoes by creating two loops with each of the laces and resting them inside an eyelet on either side of the shoe.

She then grabs the perfectly formed loops, and ties them as normal.

“I am a mother of two who has worked with children for years. I have never seen a child tie their laces this way and thought it was genius and would help many children, so recorded and uploaded it to my Facebook to maybe help friends with small children,” Ormston told Storyful.

The Facebook post turned out to be more popular than Ormston ever could have anticipated, and had racked up 8.7 million views and 33,000 likes at the time of writing.

“Never expected as many people to be as amazed as I was! Glad it’s helped a lot of children to be more independent,” she told Storyful. Credit: Laura Ormston via Storyful

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