60 people apply for Mandaue City contact tracers

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ON ITS second day of accepting applicants for contact tracers in Mandaue City, the Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO) received 60 applicants on July 28, 2020.

To ramp up the contact tracing capacity of Mandaue City, the HRMO is looking for more contact tracers to reach the target of 593 contact tracers.

There are 200 existing contact tracers in Mandaue City.

According to Damaso Tumulak, head of HRMO in Mandaue City, only 10 have submitted their applications to their office while 50 of them are online applications.

Most of the applicants have a college education in criminology-related courses.

Based on the qualifications, the priority courses are medical courses and criminology.

Preferably, the applicant has a year of experience and four hours of relevant training.

Tumulak clarified that they will also accept applicants who are taking Social Work courses as there are relevant topics in their curriculum that could be useful for the job.

Tumulak said these courses were chosen so that the applicants have adequate training in asking questions or talking to patients or those who will be contact-traced.

The job opening is not only for the residents of Mandaue as the HRMO also accepts applicants from other cities and municipalities.

Tumulak said the screening is not as stringent as it is considered urgent hiring.

They also observe the “first come, first served” policy. Tumulak said they will not wait to reach a certain number of applicants. Once they see qualified applicants, they will immediately accept them.

Tumulak said the applicants should wait to be called for the scheduled interview.

Once they pass the interview, they will be hired for the job and will be assigned to the barangays.

However, the Mandaue City Health Office will still be there to provide technical assistance to the new contact tracers, Tumulak said.

The hired contact tracers will be compensated P12,000 per month and given load allowance.

The HRMO still accepts applicants at its office. Applicants may place their resumes in the HRMO dropbox or email a soft copy to hrmo@mandauecity.gov.ph. (KFD)