7-eleven targets 9,000 runners

THE 7-Eleven Run Series is aiming to raise the number of participants in Cebu leg from 8,000 last year to 9,000 on Feb. 2, 2020, at the Cebu Business Park.

Cebu is one of the three cities together with Davao and Manila that will host the simultaneous run, which will shell out a total of P2 million worth of cash prizes for leg winners.

The race will start at 11 p.m. on Saturday for the 42k category on Feb. 1 and will finish on Sunday morning.

“We are inviting all the fitness enthusiasts and runners to come and join the fun,” said Cristy Cunan of 7-Eleven Philippines during the event’s Visayas launching on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020. “This will be a fun experience for them. You run, eat and bring home products from our partners and sponsors.”

The categories for the annual race are the 42-kilometer individual, 42K relay, 32k, 21K, 21K relay, 16K, 10K, 10K buddy, 5K, 5K buddy, 3K and 1K.

The 42k relay and 21k relay are the additions for this year. Each relay team will be composed of four members, the runners will divide the distance.

The top three best times in the three venues for the 42K, 21K and 16K categories will be selected to be part of the 7-Eleven team that will compete in an international race in Asia.

The organizers said they’re still on the process of selecting the incentive race. Last year, the top runners were brought to Thailand.

“The past three years, we were in Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. Maybe, will select another country this year,” she said.

The organizers also announced that they will still offer P500,000 cash prize to a runner who can break the 42K national record. The men’s national record is at 2 hours and 18 minutes by Eduardo Buenavista while the women’s benchmark is at 2:38 by Christabel Martes.

The registration fee is P2,000 for the 42K relay, P1,500 for the 42K individual, P1,200 for the 32K, P1,600 for the 21K relay, P1,000 for the P21K individual, P800 for the 16K, P1,200 for the 10K buddy, P700 for the 10K, P1,000 for the 5K buddy, P600 for the 5K and P500 for the 3K. (RSC)