7 high school students in Carcar City ‘possessed’

SEVEN third-year high school students had just left their classroom located at the back of the Carcar National High School around 7 p.m. on Friday, September 23, 2022, when two of them started shouting. The other five soon followed.

Witnesses said the students, all female, became aggressive and began to speak in Latin, or at least that was what they thought the strange words were.

Teachers and the police who arrived at the scene tried to calm them down, which proved to be difficult since it reportedly took five persons to place one affected student under control.

The two students who first showed signs of “possession” were brought to the Saint Catherine Church in the city, where they were attended by nuns and a priest who was well-versed in exorcism.

“The two students were reportedly possessed by the souls of two siblings and they were looking for each other,” Lieutenant Colonel Ardeolito Cabagnot, chief of the Carcar City Police Station, said in Cebuano.

Cabagnot said this wasn’t the first incident of “possession” in the school.

The first time happened on Thursday, September 22, where five students displayed the same behavior, but the matter wasn’t reported to authorities, he said.

He said one of his men at the station who used to study at the school said “possessions” were common occurrences there and blamed these on the old acacia trees inside the premises.

Cabagnot also learned that the school site used to be a Japanese garrison during the Second World War.

"Maybe the souls were victims of war. They may need our prayers and a mass should be offered for them so their souls can rest in peace,” he said in Cebuano.

He said he also heard stories that the “possessed” students suffered from hysteria because they lacked sleep or were constantly playing on their cellphones, among others, which would explain why they suddenly displayed strange behavior.

Meanwhile, the police official said the resumption of face-to-face classes had nothing to do with the two “possession” incidents.

Cabagnot said authorities and school officials have been working together to secure students since in-person classes began last month. (GPL)