7 Tips for Throwing a Kickass Independence Day Party

Independence Day parties aren't typically thrown in our country, with people preferring to use the holiday off as an excuse to get some R&R at home or go out of town. It kinda makes you wonder how we can be so obsessed with throwing parties and yet miss out on the perfect holiday to throw a party for, because if you can't throw a party to celebrate liberation from 300 years of colonial rule, then what can you?

Well, June 12 is just around the corner, and we've got 7 tips for throwing a kickass, proudly Pinoy Independence Day party. Get crazy.

1. What's a party without drinks? The Weng-Weng is a potent cocktail that's proudly Philippine-made. The drink is believed to be created by a chef named Erwin whose nickname, "Weng Weng", was used to name the drink. We were hoping it was named after our own pint-sized action star since he's as badass as the buzz you get from just one glass. 

Here's the recipe for the perfect Weng-Weng:

What you'll need:
1 shot of gin

1 shot of vodka
1 shot of light rum
1 shot of tequila 

1 dash of brandy

1 dash of scotch

1 dash of grenadine

2 shots of orange juice

2 shots of pineapple juice

1. Fill a shaker half-way with ice.
2. Shake until cold and ingredients are fully combined, then pour drink into a Collins glass.
3. Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry. Drink, enjoy, get sloshed, repeat.

2. Got some leftover adobo and rice in the fridge? Fry it up to make adobo flakes then stuff it inside some rice balls for some Onigiri with a Filipino flair. You can also substitute it with Pinoy breakfast staples like corned beef, spam or, if you're feeling crazy, sisig.

3. What's an Independence Day party without a BBQ? Fire up the grill! Recreate your own longga and chori burgers at home. Add red hotdogs and slather them all up with some homemade BBQ sauce. Throw some pandesal and hotdog buns onto the grill to soak up all that smoky goodness.

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4. Serve a street food favorite with a twist: a deconstructed banana-cue! Cut up bananas into 4 segments, then cut those pieces lengthwise and fry them up with sugar. Set aside to cool. Then whip together some cream cheese and brown sugar as filling to make mini banana-cue sandwiches.  Killer combo!

5. Here's another boozy idea: Keep your cool with some buko sherbet and spike it with a shot of gin. Make it look Martha Stewart-esque by serving a small scoop of sherbet in a shot glass topped off with some good (Bombay Sapphire FTW, but if you're feeling extra patriotic, go all-out with GSM Blue) gin. Pretty neat, huh?

6. If you still can't get yourself to whip up these delicious treats yourself, your best bet is to make friends with the manongs on the street who sell fishballs, dirty ice cream, balut, chicharon, mangga't bagoong, and isaw, and hire them to prepare the food at your party. Trust us, it'll be a hit.

7. Pinoy Henyo: Iconic Filipinos - This is pretty self-explanatory. Pick your own Philippine icon, write his/her name down on a piece of paper, throw the piece of paper into a hat, decide who goes first, pick a name from the hat, stick it on your forehead (without looking of course) and proceed to ask the ones who can see it yes/no questions until you get it right, within the allotted time. Enjoy!

So, how are you going to celebrate Philippine Independence Day on June 12?

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