70 erring cops included in NCRPO watchlist

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    ..include also those erring HPG chief of iligan city and his 3 cohort hpg's who were recently caught red handed making "kotong" yesterday in their area of responsibilities...
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    marra ghen
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    Monitoring!!?!?? They'll keep 9n coming back just remove them from their post.
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    Let their photos be post and will take care to punish them, thru citizen justice. This is the time for all the citizen to show that policemen like them are no right to live in this world.

    We are very proud to Police Dir. Oscar Albayalde and to all fair and equal policemen's.
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    I dont the topic , But I have the right to drill this first m Before I present my Comment , Tan'x..//
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    Kick them out as there are a lot of college graduates looking for jobs.
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    So, even if their salaries were double, these foolishman still succumb to illegal practice. I guessed it's in their blood. Dutae bought them for his own pleasure, so they will be loyal to him, nothing more. Dutae will reap what he sow. And police scalawags will be here to stay.
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    It you have that much erring cops and there could probably even a lot more the first head to roll should be that greasy bald headed Bato De La Rosa.
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    Most policemen are corrupt. Even politicians.
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    The Worker
    If there are 70 bad cops sack them and charge them with the crime as they would a normal citizen.......................