700 college students to benefit from Province’s scholarship program

UP TO 700 college students in the province of Cebu can benefit from a new scholarship program which the Cebu Provincial Government approved on June 15, 2020 during its regular session.

The Cebu Province Grants Intended for Tertiary Students (CP-Gifts) has allocated P15 million for students.

This will come from the Cebu government, private institutions, foreign aid or grants, private sectors, business establishments, civic organizations and others.

Provincial Board Member Christopher Baricuatro, who authored the CP-Gifts Ordinance, revealed that under the scholarship program, a maintaining grade of 85 percent is required.

Baricuatro said the program will help only those who need it most.

“This consolidates all existing scholarship programs that extend assistance to ‘poor but deserving’ college students from Cebu Province’s 44 municipalities and seven component cities,” he added.

Every year, 700 scholars will receive P20,000, which would amount to P14 million. The remaining P1 million will be used to fund students with summer classes.

Students in public and private schools who will study agriculture, fisheries, accountancy, real estate management, engineering, pre-medical courses, social work, psychology, criminology, mechatronics/robotics, information technology and other computer-related courses will receive a monthly allowance of P2,000.

In anticipation of the opening of classes in August, the Provincial Board’s screening process for qualified students is scheduled in July.

As the province is still under community quarantine, the board will hold another meeting to discuss the screening process.

Baricuatro said: “I’m thinking it should be done online because public transport is scarce especially for those who are in the province. It’s either through online or we will be the ones who will go to the districts.

Seven districts in the province were given 100 scholarship slots. If those slots are not completely filled in one district, the available slots will be distributed to other districts.

To qualify, the student must be a resident of Cebu province for at least a year.

The parents of the applicant should be registered voters in the province and have an annual income of no more than P200,000.

The program will accept incoming first year students with a general average of 85 percent and above.

The applicants should also be able to pass the entrance exam and submit their study load and certificate of enrollment.

Those who have other scholarships from the government or private institutions will not be qualified for the CP-Gifts.

Baricuatro, however, clarified that the government will still look into some of the Paglaum scholars who may be qualified for the program.

He said: “I have yet to confirm this. But prior to the approval of CP-Gifts, I spoke with the governor and she said she’s okay with absorbing the Paglaum scholars as long as they reached the 85 percent maintaining grade.” (ANV, CCP)