75 Cebu-based businesses get DTI’s Safety Seal

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THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 7 has received 178 applications for safety seal certification.

Of the 178 applications, 89 were approved while 45 were denied for various reasons like contact tracing system issues or the fact that another agency should be issuing the certification based on the industry the business is classified under.

In Cebu, applications of 75 establishments were approved out of the 149 applications; eight in Bohol out of 17, six out of 12 in Negros Oriental and zero in Siquijor.

“Cebu is the hub of essential businesses. This is where the biggest chunk of (commercial establishments) are. That’s why they really voluntarily applied for a safety seal,” Regional chief of the Consumer Protection Desk Ines Cajegas told SunStar Cebu.

Cajegas noted the eagerness and confidence of businesses in observing the minimum health protocols like social distancing measures, ventilation and contact tracing system among others.

She assured that establishments with safety seals are regularly promoted in the DTI 7 channels with a validity of six months.

After six months, the DTI 7 will reassess the establishments to check whether they continue to practice the safety protocols.

The DTI issues the Safety Seal for supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, membership shopping clubs, construction supply/hardware stores, logistics service providers, barbershops and salons, and service and repair shops.

The top commercial establishments that applied for the safety seal were groceries/supermarkets and membership shopping clubs, construction supplies and barbershops and salons.

Cajegas advised consumers to patronize establishments with safety seals.

“We encourage the consumers to maintain minimum health protocols when they go out of their houses. The safety seal certification means that the establishment is complying with the health standard so they shouldn’t be afraid of getting infected as they are conscious of all the safety protocols,” she said.

She said consumers should choose establishments that look after not only their employees but also their consumers who are the lifeblood of the business. (JOB)

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