84% of hospital deaths from August 1 to 22 are unvaccinated individuals

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A MAJORITY or about 84 percent of the registered coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) deaths in Cebu’s private hospitals from August 1 to 22 involve individuals who have not been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine yet, said Dr. Mary Jean Loreche, Visayas Covid-19 Vaccination Operations Center (VVOC) spokesperson, on Tuesday night, August 24, 2021.

Loreche, who is also the chief pathologist of the Department of Health-Central Visayas, said 263 of the 312 deaths logged in the first 22 days of August are unvaccinated individuals, while 15 (five percent) are partially vaccinated, and 33 (11 percent) are fully vaccinated individuals.

“Ang tanong, bakit kaya namatay, eh fully vaccinated naman? Ikaw ay may bakuna na. Ikaw ay na expose kay Covid. Nagdevelop ikaw ng severe illness. Naipasok ikaw sa hospital, yung bakuna na naibigay sayo, una, pwede na hindi nakahabol para ikaw ay tapatan yung iyong exposure kay coronavirus,” she said.

(The question is why is it that even fully vaccinated individuals may still die of Covid? One of the possible explanations is, you got vaccinated, then you were exposed to the virus, then you developed severe illness and were admitted to the hospital. It is possible that the vaccine was not able to catch up with your exposure to the virus.)

Unvaccinated individuals

According to the World Health Organization, vaccines can take two to three weeks from the final vaccination to be fully effective.

She also said it is easier for individuals with comorbidities to develop a “more severe” type of disease when they get exposed to Covid-19.

“Pangatlo, ang atin pong katawan kapag ka meron tayong sakit, lalo na kung overwhelming na rin yung ating mga dinaranas na sakit, our bodies may have difficulties na makabangon nitong muli,” she said.

(Third, our bodies, if we are experiencing overwhelming sickness, may have difficulties recovering.)

She then told the public not to focus on the 11 percent fully vaccinated or the five percent partially vaccinated deaths, but rather, on the fact that 84 percent of those deaths are unvaccinated.

She said the probability of hospitalization or death due to Covid-19 is lower if one is vaccinated against the virus.

Vaccine efficacy

She then urged the public not to wait for specific vaccine brands and assured that all of the vaccines issued with emergency use authorization of the country’s Food and Drug Administration have been assessed for quality, safety and efficacy.

“We respect the opinion of others, but at the end of the day, scientifically speaking, our vaccines can really help us get over Covid should we get Covid exposure,” she said.

Loreche also said that although she did not provide specific numbers, there are more Covid deaths than Covid-related deaths.

Covid deaths are deaths involving individuals who were hospitalized primarily because of Covid-19 while Covid-19 related deaths involve individuals who were admitted primarily because of their comorbidities; however, they also tested positive for Covid-19 and they died not because of the coronavirus, but due to their other existing complications. (WBS)

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