84 win as Cebu City starts raffle for vaxxed residents

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ACTING Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has officially launched the Pabakunata Bonanza raffle with a plethora of exciting prizes to be won.

During the launch on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2022, around 84 Cebu City residents were able to win the first set of raffles organized by the Cebu City government.

Some 47 residents from different barangays won a sack of rice each, while another 37 residents received television sets.

“God is good, because there are people with noble intentions who are helping out. We who are in government should set an example by bringing the program and opening it to all. Fully vaccinated people are eligible to win the available prizes,” Rama said.

He said the City Government did not shell out a single centavo for the prizes which were donations from the private sector.

The major prizes include a two-story house in Deca Homes Talisay City, a brand-new Toyota Vios, and five Skygo motorcycles.

Minor prizes include 80 units of 32-inch LED TV, 100 sacks of rice, P250,000 worth of appliances, two laptops and thousands worth of gift certificates.

Qualified entries

The City will also conduct draws in vaccination centers so that those coming in to get jabbed against Covid-19 will have a chance to go home with a pack of rice, umbrella, mug, candies, and chocolates, among others.

Those qualified to join the electronic raffle from Nov. 11 to Dec. 23, 2021 are residents of Cebu City who have registered under its Pabakunata.com.

Those who were vaccinated under Project Balik Buhay (PBB), a private-public partnership, are excluded from the raffle as their names do not appear in the Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS) of City Hall.

The raffle draws are intended to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“It is from bottoms up (sic) from household, to sitio, barangay etc. and the whole gamut of society which is the civil society which includes the business sectors and everybody working. All in one, one in all. Together we can make a great leap in our vaccination program,” Rama added.

Minor prizes will be drawn first, including P500,000 worth of gift certificates for shopping and P100,000 worth of gift certificates for groceries.

This is still the first wave of raffles. The major draw will occur in December.

“The second wave will transpire next year, before the elections,” Rama said.

“We have to communicate and educate people at the barangay level,” Rama said. (PAC)

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