90 Sinovac doses at risk of spoilage in Asturias

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NINETY doses of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine are in danger of getting spoiled in Asturias, Cebu, as residents have refused to get vaccinated due to brand preference.

Mayor Antonio Pintor said the people’s brand preference is one of the challenges that Asturias face, noting that some residents are looking for the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson brand of Covid-19 vaccine.

He said before, when Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines were available, a number of residents showed up for vaccination, but the number has dwindled because only Sinovac vaccines are currently available.

"Medyo hinay gyud. Mangita gyud og mga brand ang mga tawo. Niagi man gud mig Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, kusog kaayo sa una. Ang Sinovac mao ray hinay. Ang mga tawo di man gusto magpa-inject. Ang Sinovac kuyawan kog ma-expire ba. Maminaw ang mga taw og unsay ibakuna," said Pintor.

He said there were instances before when residents even go to his house just to ask him to include them in the list of those who will get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

But Pintor said the vaccine supply in Asturias varies depending on what’s allocated by the Department of Health (DOH).

He said last September 14, 10 residents were vaccinated, while on September 13, 30 people got their Sinovac doses.

Pintor said he is planning on implementing a mobile vaccination wherein barangays will be clustered.

Those who will get their first dose will receive five kilos of rice, while those who will return for their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine will get canned goods, he said.

Pintor said he will get the funds for this initiative from the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, adding that he will loan for sacks of rice. He added that he has already coordinated with the Rural Health Unit regarding the program.

Pintor said he believes that this incentive program will help encourage residents to get vaccinated.

The Asturias Municipal Government has also strengthened its Covid-19 information campaign to debunk misinformation and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Naay uban di na mamalik. Bisan sao'g pasabot, amo gyud nang giadto nga mao ra gyud ni hinungdan nga mahunong ning Covid. Way laing tambal pa, kini ra gyung bakuna,” Pintor said.

He said the Municipal Government targets to vaccinate 70 percent of Asturias’s eligible population, stressing that until now, the number of those who were fully vaccinated has not reached 10 percent yet.

Asturias has a 30,000 population target for Covid-19 vaccination.

He asked his constituents to help the government by having themselves vaccinated to end the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Basin unya og tinud-on tong President (Rodrigo) Duterte nga wa nay pakanuogon sa bay nga di bakunado, mao nang tabang ta sa atong gobyerno nga madali'g kawala ning sakita," he said.

As of September 16, Asturias has logged a total of 294 confirmed Covid-19 cases, of which 39 are cases, 224 have recovered and 31 have died. (MVE/LMY)

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