96 quarantine violators arrested in Mandaue City

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NINETY-SIX quarantine violators were apprehended by local police in Mandaue City from Feb. 22, 2021 until March 20.

Majority of the violators were nabbed during the Synchronized Law Enforcement Operations (SCLEO), which the Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) has been conducting since the end of February.

A total of 47 violators were caught not wearing face masks in public places, while 31 were nabbed for public drunkenness, which constitutes a violation of the city’s liquor ban.

Police also apprehended 18 persons for violating the curfew.

Weekend operation

Maj. Zosimo Jabas Jr., MCPO’s Operations and Management Unit chief, said that SCLEO is simultaneously implemented by the city’s six police stations and members of the Police sa Barangay (PSB) from Friday to Sunday to ensure that quarantine protocols are strictly implemented.

Jabas said this operation is conducted on weekends as majority of the public leave their homes during the weekend.

During these operations, Jabas said they focus on the interior portions of the barangays where quarantine violators are often seen.

Although the SCLEO is conducted every weekend, Jabas said they still continue to enforce quarantine protocols on weekdays through their patrol officers and PSB officers.


Jabas said they apprehended fewer quarantine violators from Feb. 22 to March 22 compared to the previous months.

According to MCPO’s data, local police apprehended 119 quarantine violators, of which 52 were caught not wearing face masks and 67 violated the curfew from Jan. 1 to Feb 22.

In a text message to SunStar Cebu, MCPO spokesperson Maj. Mercy Villaro said the liquor ban violators they caught were not just those who were nabbed drinking liquor but also those who were caught buying liquor and drinking them in public places, which is prohibited by the City.

But Villaro said they have not apprehended any establishments for allowing drinking in their vicinity. (KFD)