ABC prexy in Cebu City admits shortage of garbage trucks

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ASSOCIATION of Barangay Councils (ABC) President Franklyn Ong admitted that there is a shortage of garbage trucks that will collect wastes from the city's 80 barangays.

Ong suggested to the Cebu City Government to revisit the barangays and determine how many houses and business establishments are there in their respective jurisdiction and the amount of wastes that these establishments would generate to know how many garbage trucks are needed to cater to all the trash in every barangay.

Ong said the City Government should also take into consideration the ongoing development in the city involving the construction of condominium units.

"Yes, sa ako'ng tan-aw lang kuwang gyud but kon moingon ta unsa kadaghana ang kuwang, i-revisit gyud na ang number of households and the waste sa kada barangay kon proportionate ba ang ilang garbage truck para ma-divide kon unsay i-handle sa barangay and DPS (Department of Public Services). I consider nila nga daghan na kaayo tag condominiums, di gyud na paigo ang usa ka dump truck sa usa ka condominium," said Ong, barangay captain of Kasambagan.

(Yes, in my observation, it is really lacking but if we say how much is lacking, the number of households and the waste in each barangay should be revisited to know if the amount of waste is in proportion to the number of garbage trucks available and to divide the task between the barangay and the DPS when the need arises.)

Ong said the barangays have already submitted their list of priority projects to the Cebu City Development and Coordinating Council and some of their requests have already been approved.

He, however, could not say if these were already turned over to the barangays.

Ong added that the barangays also need additional garbage personnel and do not have enough crude supply for their garbage trucks.

Lawyer Jigo Dacua, head of the DPS, earlier said that a barangay must have enough garbage trucks to have effective garbage collection performance.

Dacua said that currently, the DPS has 13 garbage trucks that are operational, while the other units, including compactor trucks, are still subject for repair.

The lawyer described the services of private haulers as a great help to the Cebu City Government.

He said at least 11 10-wheeler trucks help bring garbage from the city's roads to a landfill area in the mountain barangay of Binaliw every day. (PAC, TPT)