Aboitiz Power, subsidiaries clean country's coastal areas

THE nationwide oil business unit subsidiaries of Aboitiz Power Corp. and partners recently commemorated International Coastal Cleanup Day, with volunteers and local government unit representatives helping gather waste materials from coastal areas within their host communities.

In Luzon, Therma Mobile Inc. worked with the City of Navotas for its coastal cleanup drive. As it is bordered by Manila Bay in the east, trash from various creeks and rivers of Metro Manila gets deposited into the area. To manage this problem, the local government of Navotas conducts regular ocean cleanup activities.

In the Visayas region, participating AboitizPower sites include Cebu Private Power, East Asia Utilities and Therma Power-Visayas. Volunteers here collected solid waste from its coastal areas in the Pandan River in the City of Naga and Mactan Channel. Collectively, they were able to gather almost 250 kilograms of waste.

Apart from coastal cleanup, the Therma Marine Inc. sites in Mindanao included mangrove planting in their activities. During the event, volunteers planted more than 700 mangroves along the beneficiary coastal areas. When these reach maturity, mangroves will serve as fish sanctuaries that can further help enrich biodiversity.

“We are glad to support initiatives that promote taking care of the environment such as this,” said Therma Mobile assistant vice president Zyrel Jumalon. “This allows us to do our part in protecting the planet and minimize our environmental impact.”

AboitizPower subsidiaries actively participate in the yearly commemoration of International Coastal Cleanup Day as part of the company’s drive to operate sustainably, guided by its solid environmental, social, and governance standards and practices. International Coastal Cleanup Day began more than 30 years ago to clean the coastal areas and document and study the types of waste collected.

AboitizPower is the holding company for the Aboitiz Group’s investments in power generation, distribution and retail electricity services. It advances business and communities by providing reliable and ample power supply at a reasonable and competitive price, and with the least adverse effects on the environment and host communities.

The company is one of the largest power producers in the Philippines with a balanced portfolio of assets located across the country. It is a major producer of Cleanergy, the company’s brand for clean and renewable energy with several hydroelectric, geothermal, and solar power generation facilities. It also has thermal power plants in its generation portfolio to support the country’s baseload and peak energy demands.

The company also owns distribution utilities that operate in high-growth areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, including the country’s second and third largest private utilities.

AboitizPower, together with its partners, is the Philippines’ largest owner and operator of renewable energy based on installed capacity. In the next 10 years, the company will significantly expand its Cleanergy portfolio, in support of the government’s efforts to promote renewable energy in the country. AboitizPower will build an additional 3,700 megawatts of renewable energy, growing its existing Cleanergy capacity threefold by 2030.