AboitizPower’s oil-fired plants to help restore power in Cebu

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ABOITIZPOWER has deployed a team to energize its oil-fired power plant that will deliver power directly to Visayan Electric Company (Veco) circuits and its customers.

Four Cebu Private Power Corporation (CPPC) power generator units started delivering 18 MW of power directly to Veco on Sunday morning, Dec. 19, 2021, providing much needed electricity starting with priority areas like hospitals, government facilities, and the Metro Cebu Water District pumping stations.

CPPC expects more of its power generator units to operate in the next 24 hours, aiming to double power output to 36 MW.

During the CPPC power plant energization activities, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama said, “we are extremely grateful to AboitizPower and its business units Visayan Electric Company and CPPC for the swift response to provide the much needed power to our communities. This is very crucial to Cebu’s recovery from the impacts of the typhoon.”

Veco is ramping up its efforts to restore power and aid in the recovery of the affected communities in Cebu.

With power transmission lines and substation assets severely damaged, transporting electricity from generators to distribution utilities and communities continues to be a challenge. (PR)

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