Accenture commits to help businesses fully adapt in new landscape

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THE Covid-19 pandemic has pushed Accenture, a global professional services company in digital, cloud and security to launch a big campaign in a decade.

The firm, which has been helping out companies in their digital transformation journey, vows to inspire organizations to “embrace change” brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and to “create value out of it.”

The new brand campaign, “Let there be change,” will triple the company’s annual media spend to US$90 million, Accenture said.

Developed by Droga5, the campaign “depicts change — both seismic and small — optimistically capturing its power and beauty and reflecting the depth and breadth of Accenture’s expertise.”

“Exponential changes in technology were transforming the way we work and live before Covid-19, and now its impact has raised change to a new level, requiring companies to reimagine everything and requiring economies and entire industries to rebuild,” said Julie Sweet, chief executive officer at Accenture. “In this moment, to emerge stronger there is only one choice: embrace change and ensure that it benefits all — your customers, people, shareholders, partners and communities.”

To create this shared success, the company is pioneering “360° Value”— helping clients transform and reinvent their businesses, reskill their employees, or become more sustainable.

This builds on Accenture’s successful rotation to “the New,” with approximately 70 percent of its business now in digital, cloud and security, which is critical at a time when scale matters to help its clients transform their entire enterprises.

According to Lito Tayag, country managing head of Accenture Philippines, “We are now living in the new reality.”

He said the pandemic has compelled businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey to continue operating in this new environment.

“The impact of this is that it has caused change in all industries,” he said. “We are all challenged by the change in the business environment.”

According to Tayag, Accenture Philippines, specifically will continue to upskill and reskill its people in the area of digital, cloud and security, even as they perform their tasks in the comfort of their homes.

“We are no longer navigating the pandemic but we are facing a new reality,” he said.

As businesses transform their operations, Tayag promised Accenture will commit to help them in every step of the way so they could navigate the digital transformation in all aspects of their operations.

One example, he cited, is the continued productivity of employees under the work-at-home setup.

While such migration caught some companies unprepared due to the lack of resources, Tayag said they will be working with their clients in helping them create the work-from-home setup, a conducive new workplace environment for their employees. / KOC

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