Accident, not Tisoy, killed student

THE police say they suspect no foul play involved in the death of the 18-year-old student who drowned in a river in Kalunasan at the height of Typhoon Tisoy on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019.

Christian Redoble was found lifeless after he drowned on Tuesday afternoon. The police said that based on their interviews with the victim’s companion, Redoble slipped on the rock that he was standing on and hit his head as he fell to the river and drowned.

However, Police Lt. Col. Clark Arriola, the information officer of the Cebu City Police Office, said that despite what the victims’ companion said, they want an autopsy on the body to find out the cause of death.

“There is no foul play and the three companions were questioned by the investigator from Station 9. And based on their initial information, there is no foul play,” said Arriola.

Based on their interview with the companions, Redoble and his friends went to the area to take a bath and while taking a bath, they were also drinking alcohol.

Redoble reportedly went down to the river but slipped and fell, an incident that was witnessed by his friends.

They tried to help him but failed to revive him.

Arriola also corrected early news reports that his death was due to Typhoon Tisoy as the storm has already left when it happened.

He clarified that the river current was strong because of the heavy rains early in the day.

Because of the incident, the police are advising everyone to stay put and not to go to the rivers during typhoons. (AYB)