Achieving ‘plant-powered hair’ one can’t ‘unfeel’

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SOME women say a good hair day influences their mood and actions. When their hair looks and feels good, it instantly gives them that well-deserved confidence boost, and it’s irresistible for them to check their look in the mirror and play with their hair. Everyone wishes every day is a good hair day.

Well, every day can be a good hair day when one’s strands are healthy and are provided the proper hair care they deserve. For starters, here are four ways to achieve healthy hair at home with the help of Herbal Essences products:

1. When hair is wet, one shouldn’t brush it yet

Hair is at it’s most fragile when it’s wet. Hairbrushes usually have bristles that are not made or friendly to wet strands. When used on wet hair, these can lead to breakage and hair damage. Instead, one can use a wide-tooth comb when combing damp hair to avoid tangles, breakage and hair damage.

2. Hair should be washed with the right temperature

Washing one’s hair with too cold or too hot water can lead to hair loss, dullness and dry hair. When strands are exposed to hot water, they become dry, brittle and stripped off its natural oils. Hot water can also damage the roots and this can cause premature graying of some strands. Cold water on the other hand, causes the cuticles of hair to close and reduce the volume of one’s hair. This leads to strands looking limp and unhealthy.

To maintain healthy and stronger hair, it should be washed with warm water to help open its cuticles and pores on the scalp. Dirt or build-up are removed more effectively and minimal hair damage is expected when warm water is used.

3. Hair should be air-dried the right way

Minimal hair damage helps maintain healthy hair. While air-drying has many benefits, it’s particularly essential if one is trying to avoid damage. Exposing the hair to extreme heat from blow-drying causes dry hair, especially when done often.

When air-drying hair, it’s ideal to pat dry one’s hair first with a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt to get rid of the excess moisture after wash. The hair should not be tousled or rubbed to avoid tangles and breakage. Once hair is damp, it can be combed with one’s fingers or with a wide-tooth comb.

4. Using plant-powered hair care

One can always look and feel her best with healthy, guilt-free hair by using plant-powered hair care. One can achieve and experience hair that feels so good to touch, smells great and looks its best every day with Herbal Essences’ “bio:renew.” This shampoo and conditioner combo uses real plant essences endorsed by the world-leading plant expert Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW. Powered by plants, the ingredients are made up of real botanicals and the active plant naturals that work as a real experience of nature in the shower to repair and cleanse hair while smelling irresistible.

Herbal Essences’ “bio:renew” Golden Moringa shampoo is crafted with a signature blend of essential antioxidants, with multilayered scents of citrus and coconut water. This variant will help resurrect one’s tresses, tame frizzy hair and smoothen it at the same time.

Awarded as the “Eco-friendly” winner for the 2021 Mega Beauty Awards, all Herbal Essences “bio:renew” variants are free of parabens, silicones, glutens and colorants. All shampoos are color-safe and pH-balanced as well, crafted to be safe on color-treated hair.

With these easy habits and experiencing plant-powered showers of Herbal Essences, one can look forward to achieving hair that’s so good to touch, one can’t unfeel it.

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