Activate your luck this 2012

MANILA, Philippines - Those who subscribe to Feng Shui and consult their Chinese astrological charts for the Year of the Water Dragon (which will begin on the 23rd of this month) are now busy prepping up their homes with charms and such for an auspicious year. 2012 is, after all, a dragon year, is supposed to be the most robust and the only non-animal symbol among the signs.

But before one gets into a heady purchase of crystals, door adornments, fountains and other charms, Marites Allen, the most visible Feng Shui expert at this time of the year, warns that indiscriminate installation of these charms might create un-intended consequences without having consulted the Flying Star Chart for this year.

The chart, which delineates eight compass points for all the 12 Chinese astrological signs, also locates the directions for the afflicted and auspicious stars. Locations are more powerful forces than the physical features of the house, i.e., doors, main bedroom, etc. "The most important thing to do," says Marites, "is you suppress the bad luck and then you enhance the good luck (according to direction) with cures and enhancers, respectively."

In order to know the orientation of your house, hold a compass while facing the house's main door. Whether mentally or on a piece of paper, subdivide the space into 3x3 grid and locate the directions accordingly. "For this year, the auspicious directions are the Center, South (Horse), West (Rooster), Northeast (Ox and Tiger) and East (Rabbit)," says Marites. "The afflicted stars, on the other hand, are in the Southeast (Dragon and Snake), Southwest (Sheep and Monkey), Northwest (Dog and Boar) and North (Rat) sectors."

Those who have the afflicted stars in their direction, says Marites, should particularly address the problem since they are the ones who will be most affected. Those who have a better outlook in terms of their direction can further enhance their luck by situating enhancers in their sector.

In the Southeast (governed by the Misfortune star), one can put the 5 Element Pagoda with the Tree of Life meant to "transform misfortune into opportunities, bring protection and overcome danger." The North, which has the Illness star, can be cured with the We Luo that could instigate good health, longevity and protection from illness. Afflicted with the Quarrelsome star, the Southwest can have its bad luck mitigated with red crystal balls or the Flaming Wheel with Sword. The Northwest, which has the Robbery star, requires the cures of the rhino and the elephant, symbolic of their fearsome protection.

The sectors with auspicious stars can be further energized by the following enhancers: a Double Dragon Fountain or an 8-shape Fountain in the West (Wealth), the Victory Warrior Flag or the Victory Banner in the South (White Star), the Double Happiness Symbol in East (Education and Romance) and the 9-Ring Dragon Sword in the Northeast (Prosperity). In the Center (Heaven Luck), Marites suggests to situate activities, lights and loud music in the area to further boost its positive energy.

Marites, will conduct a Feng Shui Convention this Sunday (Jan. 22) at the Manila Hotel where she will further illuminate this topic aside from other issues. She maintains that is still up to hard work, perseverance, innate talent and resources (which constitute Man and Heaven's Luck) that will spell the difference between success and its opposite. For whatever its purported effect, Feng Shui helps us to manifest our deepest intentions to a level where we are constantly reminded and invigorated by them.

The cures and enhancers are available at World of Feng Shui outlets in SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia, Serendra and New Manila. For more information about Marites Allen's Feng Shui Convention, contact +639209509390 or visit for details.