Actor Robin Padilla encourages men to stop masturbating to achieve spiritual power

Actor Robin Padilla often talks about his political beliefs but yesterday he took a break from indulging in government affairs and instead talked about biology and spirituality.

The actor known for being a vocal supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte posted on his Instagram account yesterday about the benefits of celibacy and a masturbation-free lifestyle. He said that those who practice celibacy gain spiritual power and that when he tried it more than a decade ago, he became energized.

In his post, Padilla used a meme which said: “When men stop masturbating, the level of testosterone in their body increases over +45% in only 7 days. It continues to increase as one continues to abstain.”

According to the meme, which didn’t cite its source, the higher testosterone level makes a man more attractive. Seriously.

“The boost in testosterone not only skyrockets one’s confidence, but also subconsciously attracts women as they are much more attracted to men of high testosterone, the same way men are attracted to feminine women. This is a biological fact and one of the benefits of retaining seminal fluid and ceasing masturbating,” it said.

The meme did not cite any evidence, so gentlemen please take that with a grain of salt. However, Padilla cited other benefits of celibacy and abstaining from spanking the monkey — all based on his personal experience, of course.

He wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “I did this after my divorce [from my ex-wife] 11 years ago. After I went to India where I studied yoga and Kalaripayat (Indian martial arts) [I] literally can leap very high and do some fancy kicks, strikes, and blows! The energy is flowing and bursting like a fountain! I didn’t have sex or masturbated for a long time because it was part of the mantra/prayer because they said it gives you spiritual power.”

Padilla didn’t explain who taught him this, but he also said that celibacy was the secret behind Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom.

Padilla wrote: “I read a book also about Mahatma Gandhi he also practiced celibacy. His wisdom and intelligence came from that spiritual power.”

Now Gandhi preached the virtues of celibacy, but he had an odd practice. According to one biography, he would often sleep naked with women, including his teen grandnieces. Another biographer said the same thing.

That’s not all Padilla shared. He also said that men who can control their orgasm can satisfy their partners better.

“I also read that men who control their orgasm in sexual intercourse can give the women the best orgasm. The energy that was release[d] by the female will [r]adiate to the man and back to the women. No energy is wasted, all [are] absorbed physically, emotionally and spiritually by both,” he wrote.

Padilla understands though that completely abstaining from sex is hard, so he advised men to abstain from masturbation instead. “Sexual intercourse is non-negotiable but Im sure [m]asturbating can be negotiable,” he wrote.

It’s hard to know where Padilla gets all this knowledge from because he didn’t mention the titles of those books. But his lack of citation doesn’t mean no one believed him.

One netizen agreed with what he wrote. Wrote @marklebouf: “I agree with this. I’ve been feeling this lately. When I masturbate I feel instantly that my energy dissipates. [I also] try abstaining from watching porn. Thanks Sir Robin for sharing.”

Photo: Robin Padilla’s Instagram account

One person who said she’s a nurse actually agreed with Padilla’s post.

@marites2980 wrote: “Your pist (sic) is very informative. As a nurse here in Canada we encounter Canadians who are seeking for (sic) modern technology to add more testosterone to boost thwir (sic) ego. [M]ostly in their 40’s idol. [B]ut since its (sic) cold here, winter time they are very sexual and we teach them to divert their attention to exercise or church services to keep their mind away from too much sex. Long live idol. [W]e support you so much.”

Photo: Robin Padilla’s Instagram account

Another netizen realized that he needed yoga to control his sexual needs.

@nagilib wrote: “I need yoga to remove the lust from my body. It’s true what they say that yoga and meditation makes you do less masturbation. Because it’s all about mind and body control.”

Photo: Robin Padilla’s Instagram account

Padilla is known for doing odd things, such as when he trooped to the Senate building in September to arrest Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a fierce Duterte critic who’s currently facing charges of rebellion. Some observers expected him to run for senator, but he chose not to.

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