Actress Ella Cruz gets flak over ‘history is like tsismis’ remark

Ella Cruz. (Photo: Ella Cruz/Facebook)
Ella Cruz. (Photo: Ella Cruz/Facebook)

Social media users are criticizing actress Ella Cruz over her “history is like tsismis (gossip)” remark in relation to her role as Irene Marcos in Darryl Yap’s “Maid In Malacañang”, a pro-Marcos film.

For context, Ella Cruz said in an interview promoting the film that “History is like tsismis. It is filtered and dagdag na rin, so, hindi natin alam what is the real history. Andoon na iyong idea, pero may mga bias talaga. As long as we're here alive at may kanya-kanyang opinion, I respect everyone's opinion.

(History is like gossip. It is filtered and additionally, so, we don’t know what is the real history. The idea is there, but there are biases. As long as we’re here alive and we have our own opinions, I respect everyone’s opinion.)

She added, “Kasi struggling na eh, last three days! Kahit naman sila struggling even right now, di ba? So, paano kaya iyon na there (was) so much pressure on their side during those times?

(Because they were struggling in the last three days! Even now they are struggling, right? So what more when there was so much pressure on their side during those times?)

Some social media users called her out and commented on her remark.

Edwin Lacierda, former presidential spokesperson for the late President Benigno Aquino III cited Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s quote: “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.”

“When a story is widely shared as true but its authenticity is highly doubted, it is called ‘apocryphal’,” he said. “Ang history hindi tsismis at di rin like tsismis (History is not gossip and is not like gossip).

Others were more straightforward in their criticism, such as TV personalities Richard Juan and Gretchen Ho.

“For the 93th [sic] time, history is not tsismis!” Juan said while also wittingly highlighting the “93th” birthday greeting billboard for Imelda Marcos Saturday (July 2), which was taken down after "The Kingmaker" director Lauren Greenfield called out the use of the former First Lady's image for copyright infringement.

“History’s narrative, while subject to the perspective of the author, must be written based on facts, and not opinion,” Ho said.

Kabataan Party-list representative Raoul Manuel encourages the starlet to find time to talk with fellow youths about Philippine history. "Ella Cruz, kagalang-galang at mahirap ang ginagawa ng historians. Hindi sila nakikipag-tsismisan o nagme-memorize lang ng dates. 🙂 Sana may oras ka para makausap ng kapwa Kabataan re: PH history. You are on the wrong side of history if you act as an apparatus to distort it," the youth lawmaker said.

(Ella Cruz, historians are respectable and hard-working. They don’t gossip or just memorize dates. 🙂 I hope you have time to talk to fellow youths about Philippines history. You are on the wrong side of history if you act as an apparatus to distort it.)

Some netizens compared Ella Cruz's faux pas to the reality show Pinoy Big Brother's (PBB) history trivia segment where a teen housemate mistakenly referred to the three martyred Filipino priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora (collectively known as “GOMBURZA”) as “MaJoHa.”

The film "Maid In Malacañang" is about the Marcos family’s last three days in the presidential palace back in 1986.

And as for Ella Cruz:

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