Actress Jeanette Aw leaves Mediacorp and Hype Records

Gabriel Choo
Actress Jeanette Aw. (PHOTO: Jeanette Aw / Facebook)

Singaporean actress Jeanette Aw announced on Thursday (12 October) that she has decided to leave both Mediacorp and her talent agency, Hype Records.

“This decision was deliberated upon over time. Personal growth, the environment, that little voice within that simply grew louder, and the universe showing me it was time to move on,” she wrote in a Facebook post. The 38-year-old added that going solo would give her more control over her career.

“I’ve always believed that to grow, as a person and as an actor, I need to welcome challenges, in this case find new challenges. I’ve always believed in the need to renew and reinvent the self, and reignite the passion along the way,” she added.

In an interview with Toggle, Aw shared, “I guess sometimes I meet with certain frustrations at work and being vocal isn’t a good idea at all. And I’m done with always being on the receiving end of instructions and not being able to contribute in a bigger way.”

Aw, who spent the last 15 years with Mediacorp and Hype Records, also thanked the media for their care and concern and for “respecting and giving her the space she needed”.

Aw leaves at the height of her career, having been awarded the “All-Time Favourite Artiste” and “Best Actress” awards within the last three years at the annual Star Awards. She has also written, directed and produced her own short film, “The Last Entry”, which will be released in the second half of 2018.

Her memorable roles include those from Channel 8 dramas “The Little Nyonya”, “Breakout” and “The Dream Makers”. She last starred in the recently concluded long-running TV drama “118 Season 2”, in which she played a feisty gangster.

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