Adam Thielen

Fearless Forecast: 978 TOTAL YDS, 76 REC, 8 TD
Projected Rank: 33

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Look-- this year in fantasy drafts, it's littered with potential breakout receivers. There are so many second year receivers that you're really excited about. But don't forget about boring old veteran Adam Thielen who has kind of moved into that trajectory right now. I still think he's going to be really good in the red zone. We know he's not going to score touchdowns at the insane clip that he did the last two years.

But this Vikings offense is changing. There's going to be more of a basis on throwing the ball. Justin Jefferson has said that. Kevin O'Connell's history as an offensive coordinator there with the Rams suggests that they're going to move away from the run-heavy boomer ball of Mike Zimmer.

That's good news for Jefferson, but it's also good news for Adam Thielen, too. He's not the most exciting player, kind of boring, but he's still going to catch a decent bit of touchdowns. I see him scoring eight touchdowns or so, at the very least getting just over 90 yards. Right now, I've got him at wide receiver 33, ranked a few spots ahead of his ADP.

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