Adamson University denies ‘instant PhDs’ report

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City of Manila COVID-19 vaccine roll out at Adamson University on July 6, 2021. (Photo: Adamson University/Facebook)
City of Manila COVID-19 vaccine roll out at Adamson University on July 6, 2021. (Photo: Adamson University/Facebook)

Adamson University in a statement has denied a report published in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) that said it gave “instant PhDs” to Chinese teachers.

They also said that as a higher education institution in the Philippines, its PhD programs strictly adhere to the policies, guidelines, and standards set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).

On July 25, a report in the South China Morning post said that a university official in Hunan, China was fired for allegedly sending its faculty members to enroll 22 of its teachers to Adamson for a 28-month “instant” PhD in order to boost its school’s university ranking.

“Adamson University strongly denounces the malicious claims perpetrated by certains sectors in Hunan Province, China on the PhD degree obtained by Shaoyang College faculty members from Adamson University,” their statement read.

“The questionable practices and improprieties allegedly committed by the President of Shaoyang College do not reflect inadequacies in the credibility and legitimacy of Adamson University's education programs nor do they signify Adamson University’s involvement in any such malpractice or misconduct,” Adamson added.

Adamson University said that it is currently studying their legal options “in law or in equity to protect the good name and reputation of the school.”

Meanwhile, CHEd said that it will look into the SCMP’s report, but also said it will not condone any violation of its existing laws and regulations, whether a school is autonomous or not.

“CHED may conduct investigation activities in case of reports of a general erosion of quality and/or gross violation of laws, rules and regulations that adversely affect the good standing of the PHEI [Philippine higher education institutions] as a reputable education institution,” they said.

“This report of an instant PhD is very alarming and prejudicial to the international reputation of our Philippine HEIs … We have read the statement issued by Adamson University on this matter and constituted a team that will evaluate this report," CHEd further pointed out.

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