Add fancy under cabinet lighting to your kitchen for $24

Maren Estrada

Want to give your kitchen a huge visual upgrade? No, you don’t have to spend $20,000 on a huge redesign. Just pick up an OxyLED Dimmable Under-Cabinet LED Lighting Kit on Amazon. The kit includes three dimmable LED light panels that couldn’t be easier to install, especially since they come with all the things you need to install them. In a matter of 15 or 20 minutes tops, you’ll have gorgeous under-cabinet lighting that looks slick and high-end. Use the coupon code IJP6YE9C at checkout and the kit is yours for just $23.99.

Under Cabinet Lighting 3 Light Panels Kit, OxyLED Dimmable LED Lighting Kit Plug in Cabinet Lig…: $23.99 (use code IJP6YE9C)

Here’s some additional info from the product page:

  • CONVENIENT MOTION SENSOR: Turn the light on, off, and adjust the brightness with a wave. The ultra-sensitive infrared sensor senses motion and provides remote-free control
  • BRIGHT, DIFFUSED LIGHT: The OxyLED Under Cabinet Light Kit offers powerful illumination without sacrificing comfort. Three light panels and 108 LEDs create light that’s soft, warm, and eye-friendly, and free of flickers and flares
  • INSTANT INSTALLATION: Installing the under cabinet light is easy and effortless. All you need is a flat, smooth surface! Screw it on with the included screws or stick it on with the included 3M tape
  • COUNTLESS USES: The OxyLED Under Cabinet Light is ideal for bookshelves, display cases, wine cellars, cabinets, offices, closets, and everything in between. Its slim design will blend in seamlessly. Need even more light? Install multiple light strips for an added punch
  • SUPER LONG-LASTING: Thanks to its high-quality aluminum frame, this under cabinet light boasts incredible heat dissipation and keeps the light cool to the touch. It’s safe, energy-efficient, and will last for an amazing 5,000 hours of use

Under Cabinet Lighting 3 Light Panels Kit, OxyLED Dimmable LED Lighting Kit Plug in Cabinet Lig…: $23.99 (use code IJP6YE9C)

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