Adobo-loving trisikad driver hurls hot water at stepdaughter, lands in jail

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A TRISIKAD driver, who had a penchant for demanding delicious meals when drunk, went berserk after his stepdaughter, 12, gave him a vegetable soup for dinner inside their home in Barangay Liong, Dumanjug town, Cebu on Monday, Feb. 1, 2021.

Irked about not getting a pork adobo dish, Rey Quisio, 35, allegedly hurled hot water at the girl, who suffered burns in her face, chest and shoulders.

Before the incident happened, Quisio arrived home drunk. He then instructed his stepdaughter to set the table for his dinner.

Quisio suddenly got mad after seeing vegetables and a plate of cold rice in front of him—and pork adobo nowhere near his reach.

He then hit the girl with the plate containing rice. Afterwards, he threw the vegetables he deemed despicable to eat.

Still not content, Quisio grabbed his stepdaughter by the hair and he pounded her head against the hearth.

Quisio then lifted the pot of boiling water and tossed the hot water at his stepdaughter. The boiling water was intended for cooking corn grits.

Mother’s help

The girl’s mother, who had given birth to her child with Quisio four months ago, sought help from the Dumanjug Police Station. The police officers were met with resistance from Quisio, who was placed in handcuffs after he was overpowered.

The girl’s mother and her 14-year-old brother reportedly often received beatings from Quisio when he was drunk. Quisio sired two children with his stepdaughter’s mother.

Missing humba

Quisio told the police that before he demanded adobo, he got mad after no one admitted who had stolen the humba that he had kept in a food container.

The trisikad driver said he had only drunk a bottle of cheap wine after a tiring day of transporting passengers and plowing the field.

Quisio admitted that he often demanded pork dishes such as adobo and humba because he worked hard every day.

He will be facing complaints for violating Republic Act 7610, or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act. (GPL)