African swine fever seminar held in Minglanilla

THE Municipality of Minglanilla, in coordination with the Central Visayas Pork Producers Cooperative (CeViPPCo) and Cebu Association of Veterinary Salesforce (Cavs), conducted a seminar and forum on African swine fever (ASF) on Oct. 28, 2019.

Minglanilla residents learned about the ASF’s effects on their livelihood.

Hog raisers, especially those who are involved in backyard swine farming, were reminded to avoid swill feeding of their pigs. They were also taught to apply biosecurity.

According to Cavs member Jerwin Nono, ASF affects the economy more than it affects the health of humans. If uncontrolled, ASF could lead to unemployment.

Dr. Rufino Ybañez of Cavs said that only pigs are affected by the disease, unlike bird flu which can infect people.

Participants were reminded to report any unusual behavior of their pigs, or are showing signs of ASF—blue-purple cyanosis of snout, ears, tail and lower legs; high fever; and heavy discharge from eyes and nose.

Hog raisers should reach out to their Municipal Agriculture Office or to the Department of Agriculture if they notice their swine has the symptoms of ASF .

The resource speakers also advised participants to have their pigs vaccinated for hog cholera. Another biosecurity measure pointed out was to spray disinfectant in pig pens.

The speakers further reminded the hog raisers to keep their vigilance and be in constant in-the-know about the ASF as these would make their livelihood more secure and protected.

As a hog raiser together with his wife, Minglanilla Councilor Rajiv Enad said that the seminar and forum were both timely and relevant.

Enad, a lawyer, said he wanted to share the information to the residents of the municipality on what ASF is and how to prevent it from affecting the livelihood of the people.

The seminar was attended by hog raisers, meat dealers from commercial and public markets, the Minglanilla Farmers Association and employees of the committee on agriculture of Minglanilla. (S)