Here we go again: Man fakes injury to stop car then tries to unlock its door

Is this the scam of the season?

A week after a man tried to unlock a car’s door while it was stuck in traffic in Parañaque City, another man almost pulled off the same stunt on Kalayaan Ave. in Quezon City.

A video was posted on Saturday by driver Ymen Padilla which shows a man standing on the road pretending to be injured. The person signals at Padilla to stop, then tries to open his car door but failed to do so because it was locked.

Padilla reminds motorists on his post to always lock their doors and not to step outside of their cars in case the same incident happens to them.

In the video, the unidentified man stands in the middle of the road and waves his bloody hands in the air to ask for Padilla’s help.

He touches the hood of Padilla’s car then tries to open his car door.

Padilla realized what was happening right off the bat and speeds off, but not without getting a parting gift from the man — a dent in his car. Padilla suspected that the man hit his car with a huge rock.

Aside from posting a video of the incident, Padilla also posted three photos that show the “blood” smeared on one side of his car and a dent near the vehicle’s gas tank.

Someone posted a comment (presumably his uncle) and asked him if that were real blood on the hood of his car, he said in Filipino: “That’s fake uncle, [it’s the] props of the crazy guy.”

When asked why there was a dent, Padilla said he suspected that the man was holding a rock.

The Facebook video had over 274,000 views and over 3,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Naturally, netizens were disturbed by the incident:

Anna Papa wrote: “More reason why we really should PRAY for our country and countrymen!!!!”

“These criminals are too much,” wrote Charley Ramos.

Sinichi Maki said that Padilla should’ve run him over.

Facebook user Ronald Reedy warned people: “Don’t step out in front of me while I am driving.”

Well, that came off a bit ominous.

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