Agot Isidro claps back at a basher who dissed on her look

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Agot Isidro is leveling up her clap back on her bashers in her social media accounts. (Photo: Agot Isidro/Twitter)
Agot Isidro is leveling up her clap back on her bashers in her social media accounts. (Photo: Agot Isidro/Twitter)

Singer-actress Agot Isidro is not new to bashing and to people who are opposed to her political beliefs making fun of her. But she’s leveling up her clap back after a netizen made fun of her look on Twitter.

In a photo she tweeted on Monday (September 12) of her with one eyebrow raised, she said in the caption: “So sino ang tataasan natin ng kilay today?”

(So who’s going to be the one we’ll raise our eyebrows on?)

A netizen replied, saying that the reason why the photo is in black and white is to hide her “funenaria look.”

Agot retweeted the said reply tweet, saying: “Yan, Ikaw ang nabiyayaan ko ng taas kilay. In full color.”

(There. You’re the one I’m raising my eyebrow on. In full color.)

She also said that maybe, their idea of “handsomeness” is someone whose name was “S***** *****s.”

The said netizen did not reply to her anymore.

Agot Isidro, one of the many showbiz celebrities outspoken against the former Rodrigo Duterte and current Ferdinand Marcos Jr. administration, has been at the receiving end of bashing from pro-administration supporters.

She said in a post in May that she will no longer take bashing and trolling against her sitting down, and vows to actively push back.

Sa trolls, hiding-hindi ako magugutom. Not even in the next lifetime. Hindi ako malalaos kasi hindi ako sikat. Mukha akong matanda kasi matanda na ako,” she said.

(To the trolls, I won’t ever go hungry. Not even in the next lifetime. I’m never going to be passé because I was never that famous in the first place. I look old because I am old.)

Kung kailangan nyo ng tulong, ituturo ko kayo sa Malacañan. Kung kailangan nyo ng pera, singilin nyo yung tallano gold. Hintayin [nyo] maging 20 pesos ang bigas hanggang mamuti ang mata nyo. Walang kuryente? Sabihin mo magtayo ng windmill sa bakuran nyo,” she added.

(If you need help, there’s the Malacañang. If you need money, then ask where the Tallano gold is. Wait for the price of rice to go down to 20 pesos. No electricity? Tell them to build a windmill in your backyard.)

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