Ai-Ai delas Alas, Darryl Yap declared persona non grata by QC council

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Filipino comedian Ai-Ai deals Alas (left) and filmmaker Darryl Yap. (Photos: delas Alas – VinCentiments [Official]/YouTube]; Yap – Darryl Yap/Facebook)
Filipino comedian Ai-Ai deals Alas (left) and filmmaker Darryl Yap. (Photos: delas Alas – VinCentiments [Official]/YouTube]; Yap – Darryl Yap/Facebook)

The Quezon City council has declared comedian Ai-Ai Delas Alas and director Darryl Yap “persona non grata” for disrespecting the city’s official seal.

In a resolution approved on Tuesday (June 7), District IV Councilor Ivy Lagman accused the two of defacing the city’s triangular seal in a video posted on Yap’s Vincentiments Facebook Page.

The two-minute video featured delas Alas playing a character named “Ligaya Delmonte.” The character’s background showed the triangular seal of Quezon City, but with the names “BBM” and “Sara.”

The caption for the video read “Mayora for Mike Defensor” (The mayor is for Mike Defensor). Defensor ran for Quezon City mayor under Uniteam but lost against incumbent Mayor Joy Belmonte.

“The malicious and unscrupulous defacing of the official seal of Quezon City ridiculed and [cast] dishonor to it, causing insult to the noble representation of the seal,” Lagman said.

“The people of Quezon City will not let anyone disgrace the official seal of Quezon City for personal and selfish interests,” she added.

Lagman noted that the Quezon City seal has been the official coat of arms of the city since it was approved by the Office of the President and adopted by the City Council on February 3, 1997, through Resolution No. 10320, S-1975.

Delas Alas is yet to issue a statement about the matter.

Meanwhile, Yap, in an interview with SMNI on Tuesday (June 7) night, said that he has no hard feelings for the council.

Sa palagay ko, ang ikina-offend na matulis, sa palagay ko bukod sa logo, may iba pa at yun ay hindi ko sila masisisi kasi triangle, e, kaya matulis ang logo ng Quezon City. (In my opinion, aside from the logo, they were offended about other things. I can’t blame them because the logo was a triangle.) Pero (But) when you do a spoof, when you do a satire, you don’t completely erase the one that you’re spoofing,” Yap reasoned.

Satire has been historically used to ridicule, criticize and surface social issues in a way that become absurd, or hilarious. Yap has used this guise repeatedly to release contents that attack the opposition.

Yap has noted that his presence will not be declared unwelcomed on social media as long as people are sharing it.

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