Airport guide: Six things to do if you lose your luggage at Soekarno-Hatta

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Airport guide: Six things to do if you lose your luggage at Soekarno-Hatta

Losing luggage at an airport is one drama travelers prefer not to experience. If  such a nightmare situation occurs amid the crowds and chaos of  Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia’s main gateway for international tourists, you could think you're going to lose your sanity, as well.

“Reports of loss are our daily business,” said Yuni Sibarani, an officer with Soekarno-Hatta's customer service team.

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Yuni said that missing items ranged from cell phones to large suitcases.

She proceeded to share her tips on coping in such a crisis. “Screaming and ranting in public don't help at all. Get a grip and a glass of water, relax and try to think straight,” she said.

When you have done that, check out our list below of things you need to do if your luggage goes AWOL at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.


1. Prepare your ID

The first thing that airport staff will ask you to present in the event of luggage loss is your identity, so prepare your flight itinerary, identity card (ID) and passport.

Make sure that all these documents are stored in a separate bag from your other belongings, and make sure they are safe and attached to your body. Do not leave your passport or other ID in your luggage.


2. Write down a description of the missing luggage

Be generous with the details. Try describing, for instance, the color of the padlock, scratches or any other distinguishing features.

Before you check in, it can be helpful to label your luggage with handy information such as name, flight number, contact number and destination.


3. Write down a brief chronology of the loss.

Try to remember the last time you saw the luggage and include information concerning the time and location. You could try asking around, but it is best to report it to airport staff and security personnel.


4. Report your loss to the OIC (Officer in Charge).

You could also search for the customer service and information center, and they will forward the report to the OIC.
Information centers are located at terminals 1B and 2E, and on the first floor of Terminal 3.

“The officers will ask you the chronology concerning the loss. These questions are very important, because we have to make sure whose responsibility it is,” said Erwin Revianto, an OIC in charge at Terminal 1. “The OIC is responsible for the airport area but if you lose it on the aircraft, or on the way to the aircraft from the gate, or at the carousel, it will be the airline’s responsibility. We have to know clearly where the luggage was lost,” he said.


5. Verify your missing items.

The OIC will introduce you to the OD (Officer on Duty), and he will take you to the airport’s storehouse. The storehouse keeps all missing items. Take a deep breath before rummaging, as you will have to try to find your missing belongings among the myriad of items in there.


6. Speak out on social media.

If you still haven't received your lost luggage after all these attempts, you can always try tapping the power of social media. Post your status on Facebook or send a tweet to the world. Don't forget to mention Soekarno-Hatta's official twitter account @CGK_AP2 or your airline's Twitter account, and let God do the rest. Good luck!

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