AJ Raval breaks silence on Diego Loyzaga cheating rumour

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6 Dec – AJ Raval has finally broken her silence regarding rumours linking her to Barbie Imperial's boyfriend Diego Loyzaga.

The actress, of whom Diego was accused of cheating with and meeting in Pampanga, stated that she did nothing wrong and was only working with Diego on the film, "Death of a Girlfriend".

Admitting to have seen Barbie's interview with Boy Abunda regarding the issue, AJ said that she was perplexed as to how the rumour even started.

"It seems that she wanted me to say something. For what? They both know that's not true," AJ said. "I think my peace of mind comes from the fact that I did nothing wrong."

AJ stressed that Diego never visited her in Pampanga as the rumour alleged, and that there wasn't any kind of relationship between her and the actor.

"Honestly, I have no contact with them. It's like one year ago that I last talked to Barbie and then I saw her only once," she said.

However, AJ stressed that she harbours no ill feelings towards Barbie, saying that the actress was driven by emotions because of the fans. She then added that she would rather focus on her work instead.

Barbie Imperial with her beau Diego Loyzaga
Barbie Imperial with her beau Diego Loyzaga

(Photo Source: AJ Raval Fanpage Facebook, Barbie Imperial Instagram)

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