AJ Raval wipes out Instagram; announces social media detox

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Actress AJ Raval, who was dragged into the controversial breakup of celebrity couple Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla, wiped out her Instagram content a day after she announced a social media cleanse on TikTok.

FILE PHOTO: Screengrab of AJ Raval's Instagram profile (Source: AJ Raval/Instagram)
FILE PHOTO: Screengrab of AJ Raval's Instagram profile (Source: AJ Raval/Instagram)

In the Tiktok video, AJ explained why she shared Aljur’s post about the messy split. “I don’t mean to hurt anyone. I’m just trying to protect myself,” she said.

AJ opened up about how the controversy is affecting her mental health. “I just want peace after this because my mental health is really damaged. I can’t do it anymore, so I’ll do a social media detox first. I’ll be back on social media next year,” she said.

AJ went on to ask for forgiveness from Kylie and others who may have been affected by her sharing Aljur’s post saying, “I’m really sorry to those affected. And for Kylie, I’m really sorry if I shared that statement.”

AJ said that she meant no harm, but that her approach may have been "wrong."

“It’s just that my approach is wrong. But I also realized that maybe you’re right. I’m too young and I need to grow up. I am truly sorry to all those affected who are angry. I hope you will forgive me,” the actress said.

AJ also expressed her gratitude to her fans who still support her. “Thank you so much to the people who love me, who support me. I read your messages. I appreciate you all...Thank you so much for still loving me,” she said.

Aljur’s Facebook post about the real reason behind his breakup with Kylie caused a stir in showbiz on October 19.

Aljur urged Kylie to tell the public who cheated first. He said that they deserved to know. He added that he kept his silence only because they agreed to do so, but Kylie's statements had forced him to break their agreement. 

Ending his statement, Aljur posed the question, "Is it also fine with you guys to let the innocent be attacked with false accusations?"

After previously insisting that she was not a third party in Aljur’s and Kylie’s relationship, AJ shared Aljur’s statement.

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